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Holland assumes its foreign policy in the harbor of Toulon – Humanity

Holland assumes its foreign policy in the harbor of Toulon – Humanity

On the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, Envoy

Normandy in June The commemorations of the Allied landings were characterized by the presence of a German delegation and the handshake between Vladimir Putin and the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. August 15, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the “other landing” on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, only bridge floating in a mistral force 6, flags of the 28 countries whose soldiers participated in the battle to liberate the Provence of the German occupiers and the President of the Republic, attack his speech, not by the traditional tribute to these fighters, but by challenging Russia, “which must respect the territorial integrity ( Ukraine).

Can Francois Hollande came before the fifteen heads of state invited, of Tunisia Moncef Marzouki to Prince Albert II of Monaco, to exalt the memory of the African army, spearheaded what became the 1st French Army, this “army mixed, cosmopolitan, those of Brest in Bamako,” an army “that had that one flag, that of freedom. “

For the head of the state who spoke before an audience of almost centenarian veterans Africa, France has a” debt not only moral but political “vis-à- vis Africa. A “historic debt” which implies in Francois Hollande quoting peels – mell, intervention, alone, in Mali, the crisis in Nigeria or the ravages of Ebola virus, a “duty of solidarity”, particularly towards African youth .

On the aircraft carrier, which is by definition a weapon of external military intervention, the president, tried, following the delivery of “sophisticated” equipment to the Kurds of clarify the position of France mainly in the ‘Middle East faces obscurantism barbaric “

What to say specifically in Syria, Iraq or Gaza? His foreign policy would it be stranded? that of Toulon is in any case a hearty naval review flown by an eclectic flypast which closed this Memorial Day meant to “enlighten the future” .This was actually an expensive copy-paste of the great Naval parade of 2004, when President Jacques Chirac, which already at that time, the United States and Britain had secured on the waters and in the Mediterranean air, minimal service.


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