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Bouches-du-Rhône: a toll plaza is shine –

Bouches-du-Rhône: a toll plaza is shine –

Bouches-du-Rhône: a toll plaza is deflected Download
to Charlotte Arrigoni, Writing RTL

Train Station Toll La Ciotat near Marseilles was deflected this morning just before 5am. An employee of the company Escota was intercepted right out of his home by a hooded and armed man. He had then accompanied her hostage in her vehicle to the toll station, located on Highway 50.

Once there, they were joined by two other men, also masked and armed. The three criminals were then made to open the safe by the employee taken hostage by one of his colleagues on site.

The three men left with a booty of about 100,000 euros, largely made up of coins. According to the Escota , “employees were not injured, but they are very shocked.” Investigators of the judicial police in Marseille rely on the images of video surveillance in an attempt to elucidate this robbery.

Team France Athletics received a hero

The French athletes were greeted with fanfare this afternoon arrival at the Gare de Lyon. El Tri have returned from European Athletics Championships in Zurich, where they won 23 medals, including nine gold. They beat their record of 18 medals set at the 2010 edition in Barcelona.

The athletes were surprised by the euphoria displayed by the fans came out to greet them en masse since the early post -Midi. Christelle Daunay, the new European marathon champion does not believe it:

We knew there were many benefits of our exploits in France, but it’s fantastic to see with our own eyes.

Christelle Daunay new European champion marathon

Team France athletics is expected to Elysium to receive the congratulations of François Hollande.

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– The European Commission on Monday announced the release of 125 million euros, in support funds for vegetable crops in the European Union, struck by the Russian embargo.
– The school allowance will be paid Tuesday, August 19. Five million children and adolescents will benefit.

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