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LIVE. The new government appointed Valls Tuesday – Le Parisien

LIVE. The new government appointed Valls Tuesday – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.013388156890869 sec -> It is left to the political transfer window. A Matignon, Manuel Valls makes appointments with potential for potential ministers to present on Tuesday a new government to Francois Hollande. The day before, the Prime Minister had served on the President the resignation of the executive, following criticism of its economic policy by its turbulent economy minister.
<- hard dé e: 0.00050592422485352 sec -> Arnaud Montebourg in is gone, supported by part of the left wing of the Socialist Party. Ditto for the National Education Minister Benoit Hamon and the Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filippetti. The Greens have already indicated their reluctance to participate in the new team. The difficulty now is that to find new allies to retain a majority in the National Assembly. In opposition, we wash our hands of this redesign to five months of the appointment of the impetuous Manuel Valls

& gt;. & Gt; Follow live events Tuesday:

7:57. Rihan-Cypel (PS) wants a “government of men.” “You have to stay out of 16 ministers. I want a government of soldiers. We are in a war situation. Reassure the French, “said on BFM TV the deputy for Seine-et-Marne.

7:55. Basically, “no desire to separate from Montebourg” says Rihan-Cypel (PS). According to the deputy for Seine-et-Marne and national secretary of the PS in charge of defense, “there had no desire to separate from Montebourg and Hamon “but” when we criticize a determined line, you need a clarification, “he defends on BFM TV.

7:50. Woerth, “We will rebuild we kick” government “combat!” “A government fighter.? Nothing, he just declared war on everyone … “said the former UMP minister Eric Woerth on France Info. “We do not need to embark on such policies escapades … We need a government in cold blood. We will redo our “government” combat but it will again be there five months, a lot of ideas, postures but … “

7:45. Woerth regret “indecent show that ridicules France.” In France Info, the former UMP minister Eric Woerth estimated Hollande “could have avoided this indecent and lamentable spectacle that ridicules France. He could get rid of Montebourg in the day and avoid the entire government to resign. (…) It’s a battle of egos, leaders in government as if it was the Socialist Party. “

7:30. A simple “adjustment of the government team,” according to the president of senators PS. “This is a setting in the government team,” says BFM TV the president of the PS group in the Senate, Didier Guillaume, who said that “Europe can no longer be the constraints and austerity.” And to say that, compared to the rest of Europe, “it’s better to be French.”

7:20. Suspense for Taubira. According to a government source, Matignon “seeks names to replace Christiane Taubira” on Justice. The name of Bertrand Delanoë, the former mayor of Paris, flows, as each redesign. Labour Minister, Francois Rebsamen, said “should” remain in his post. Several times since the election of François Hollande, he had been cited for the Interior.

7:00. But … with the radicals. As in the previous team, where they had three representatives, only the radical left of the PRG should remain associated with government action. In the National Assembly, the PS group and related 290 MPs, the PRG Related, 15, while the absolute majority is


& gt;. & Gt; QUESTION OF THE DAY. Government: Valls he was right to separate from Montebourg?

6:50. Without the Greens Who Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls they make up the new government? According to the deputy Carlos Da Silva, Manuel Valls, he is near, “is not in the idea of ​​a narrowing of the majority” but in that of a “gathering very, very large.” Unless dramatic turn of events, environmentalists EELV will not present as such in the government Valls II. For their leader, Emmanuelle Cosse, “the conditions are even less united today than in April (when the composition of the first government Valls, ed) .” And besides, “we did not offer us” to be part of, she said.

6:30. The fate of Montebourg, Hamon and Filippetti already sealed. Monday, while Prime Minister responded to the charge of Arnaud Montebourg presenting the resignation of the government, the economy minister responded by “resuming his freedom. ” At the same time he announced the departure of his colleague Benoît Hamon, who confirmed earlier this evening. Earlier, the Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filippetti, was that she would not either.

VIDEO. Arnaud Montebourg “takes its freedom”

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VIDEO. Editorial Parisien. Thunder on the political season


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