Friday, August 22, 2014

Leave the presidency of the Left Party, the “new strategy” … – Release

Leave the presidency of the Left Party, the "new strategy" … – Release

It is in this way that he chose to “revise [her] personal device.” Mélenchon announced Friday that leaves the co-chair of the Left Party, a place he has held since the founding of the party in 2008, the former candidate of the Left Front in the presidential election had already hinted in late July that he would step back after five years permanent campaign. “I did my time organizing the life of a party, he explained in an interview with website Hexagons. This is not to put myself down, it’s otherwise use me. “

So to cut short jump to conclusions on a ‘withdrawal’ of political life, Mélenchon careful to specify in a statement to AFP he continued the “fight”. “We’re changing our system to adapt to a new strategy he says, there is no crisis or anything. “

” The party will fight for the Sixth Republic, our candidate for 2017, that’s life Republic, “ he said, adding that he will now focus on this task. And “why should not I am president of a party.” A book is expected in November, “The era of the people” on the issue of the Sixth Republic.

Adept policy planning, so this confirms that the choice MEP and his entourage decided to move to a second stage of the five-year period after a disastrous 2103-2014 season marked by many tensions with communist allies in the Left Front and electoral setbacks in municipal and – above all – the European ( 6% behind the PS and environmentalists and twenty lengths of the National Front)

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Will they choose to break their alliance with the Communists? The National Council of the Left Front planned on September 6 will be decisive. And summer signals are not good for the first time in two years, the Front does not organize a joint return in the form of “summer”. The PG is in Grenoble until Sunday for its traditional “brainstorming.” The PCF is organizing its summer Karellis to university (Savoie) next weekend before its Festival of Humanity mid-September.

“Change of strategy”

From year Communists and mélenchonistes become besotted their strategic differences. The first think that it is continuing to talk with the PS they will succeed in “tip the center of gravity of the left” by bringing them to the socialist activists and officials bewildered by the political Torque Holland-Valls. The latter believe that such a strategy “blurs the message” and prevents the emergence of a “independent force” to the left of the PS. The national secretary of the PCF, Pierre Laurent, has also chosen to go next Friday in the Summer of PS in La Rochelle for a debate. A “error” to Mélenchon.

Even before municipal, PG chose “suspend” participation in the Party of the European Left ( EMP) because Peter Lawrence, patron of the communists, was re-elected to the presidency and advocated a PCF-PS alliance municipal Paris. At the time, some of these relatives already argued for a “change of strategy” and a break with the Communists. In such a context, this decline Mélenchon takes the form of a long march starts. Around 2017.



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