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François Hollande face the enemy within – The Point

François Hollande face the enemy within – The Point

Confidence a little concerned about a minister: “The novelty of the situation is that the debate is left.” On the left, the socialists slingers; left, Cecile Duflot and his moods; left, Martine Aubry and pissed … At the Elysee, Hollande must deal, increasingly, with opponents inside in addition to the fronts, many already, from outside – the crisis economic, conflict in the Middle East, relevant reforms … Arriving mid-term, the head of the state will have to fight hard on both fronts; his candidacy in 2017, to which he has been preparing for the first day of its accession to the Elysee, depends on it. The political animal knows how: PS, the first secretary François Hollande had stifled his rivals with a smile, they are called Fabius, Aubry and Montebourg. Here is the list of these “hecklers from within” that he must once again neutralize

Martine Aubry – Emmerdomètre. 8.10

The best enemy of the head State growled from his mayor of Lille, reserving his criticism of his followers and the President of the Republic, on the occasion of some calls. It has almost everything unpacked publicly during the land reform, which has the disadvantage of marrying his region, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardy. A new super-region that could fall into the hands of the FN, hard on the Picardy land. But Aubry pushed to his right arm, Stone Saintignon, take the chairmanship of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the next election. Another bad way made Martine Aubry: the brutal eviction of his lieutenant François Lamy government. Now wide awake, the former first secretary of the PS could give a headache to the Head of State, especially as his former chief of staff, the deputy Jean-Marc Germain, leads the revolt against the Assembly policy the government’s offer. Another connection could be made with Cécile Duflot, in which Martine Aubry gets along well

Jean-Marc Germain and slingers – Emmerdomètre: 8/10

The drying up of streams ideological PS has created many clubs, some of which can be stored under the banner of “rebellious” (Jean-Marc Germain, Laurent Baumel, Pouria Amirshahi, Christian Paul, Emmanuel Maurel, Marie-Noëlle Lienemann …). Their battle cry is the responsibility pact, which they believe too much emphasis on business part. They also regret the office of President Holland, since the executive had imposed upon them to vote without haggling CICE with ban amendment. Raised in the parliamentary bathroom, socialists, old and new members, have not understood nor liked this practice. The method Valls – stick and threats to vote pact responsibility – does not help. Slingers not yet

Arnaud Montebourg have so far not opposed to essential texts – Emmerdomètre. 7.10

The Minister of Economy and Productive Recovery launches offensive of the season in his stronghold of Frangy-en-Bresse inviting another leader of the left wing of the Socialist Party, Benoit Hamon. In the spring, he had delivered a speech on “economic recovery in France,” alone on a podium at Bercy, as if he was campaigning. Despite his desire to resign, Montebourg remains at Bercy, where he has to juggle between government solidarity and critique of a policy that only suits him half. How long

Cécile Duflot (and Emmanuelle Cosse, patron of EELV and most environmentalists) – Emmerdomètre: 7.10

Current going very well between the housing minister and the president. Between the head of the line green and Francois Hollande, that’s another matter. The book Duflot, From the inside. Journey to disillusionment , the political season starts on high critical bases. It beats down on the president and prime minister, foreshadowing a strained relationship with power in the coming months. François Hollande, if experiencing seek a second term in 2017, will find the arguments to force it not to arrive at the Elysee: this case, at least two candidates for the left, could eliminate the second round

Jacques Attali (left and economists as Pascal Lamy, former head of the WTO, or Elijah Cohen) – Emmerdomètre. 5.10

Their language is more polite, more muted their criticism, but their arguments strike because they are accurate, factual and intelligent. There are some days, Jacques Attali, who introduced Holland in 1981 to François Mitterrand, wanted reform of magnitude (housing, vocational training or the reform of the state). “We run to the disaster,” he says, given the situation in France. In April, Pascal Lamy wanted his side for more flexibility in the labor market and increased to improve the “profitability” of public spending efforts

Mélenchon – Emmerdomètre. 4.10

The former Socialist senator has lost its luster. Part of the Communists would substitute another figurehead, less control, and his fight to get the system seems tired. But MEP maintains a fierce grudge against Holland, which he never forgave bullying he inflicted rue de Solferino. And if Mélenchon lost much since the presidential election, there is a talented speaker

Jean-Michel Baylet – Emmerdomètre. 3.10

The head of the radical left raised his voice during the summer. Basically, its ministers would walk out of the government if the territorial reform was not amended for general advice. But, taking his big voice, Baylet knows how far he can not go … If the small PRG damn well served by the PS (a group in the Assembly and in the Senate three ministers) had to waver majority Solferino would charge him in the next election.


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