Monday, August 18, 2014

Nadine Morano exasperated by the presence of a veiled woman on … – Le Figaro

Nadine Morano exasperated by the presence of a veiled woman on … – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – The former UMP minister published a picture of a cross-veiled woman on a beach. The opportunity for Nadine Morano launched a plea for secularism

“France is a secular state. Should be the loving, respect its culture and women’s right or should go and live somewhere else! “Even lying on a beach towel, the former Sarkozy minister, Nadine Morano, does not answer the policy.

The elected reported on Monday, a personal experience on his Facebook account: there are “a few days” a couple moved near her on a beach in France. He undressed and went swimming. It, “long sleeve tunic, pants and veil,” remained behind. “The man started in a swimsuit showing off a great body, while the lady sat fully dressed, quietly on the sand. He walked alone to the sea. Glad to enjoy a good bath, he spoke to his soft subject alone, surrounded by body beachwear, signs of hand, “she writes in a tone t the narrative.

A scene that challenged Nadine Morano and compares it to the A Figaro Magazine dedicated to Brigitte Bardot, “national icon (…) a proud France . liberty of women “

The anecdote narrated photo, bonus, it’s the turn of political advocacy to be held:” He, therefore, has the right to undress, bathe it either! Distrust of women, distrust her male counterparts … See it on the territory of human rights is infuriating! “Says Nadine Morano. She adds: “When you choose to come to France, rule of law, secular, we must respect our culture and freedom of women. Otherwise, we will also !! “

The former Minister of the Family believes that” we need to help and report abuses of male domination and to be tough when she lives in France! “And He concluded: “I ask the Muslims who have chosen to live in France and to incorporate, to defend me, a simple reality. France is not a religious state”

L intervention of the former minister has outraged the Communist Ian Brossat. “With Morano, xenophobia never takes a vacation (even at the beach)”, has outraged the deputy mayor of Paris on his Twitter account.

This is not the first time that the UMP is concerned about the presence of veiled women on a beach. In July, the UMP mayor of Mishawaka (Essonne) forbade the wearing of religious signs at “Mishawaka Beach” summer operation, causing discharge of two veiled women. “It is a measure of public order. We wanted to allow state secularism living together, “explained Richard Trinquier AFP.


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