Saturday, August 23, 2014

Arnaud Montebourg called for a change of economic course – Le Figaro

Arnaud Montebourg called for a change of economic course – Le Figaro

Minister of Economy, who completes his political season this Sunday, held an offensive speech against the foot of the one delivered last week by Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls. For the head of state, growth remains the priority. Matignon sees “nothing objectionable” in these comments.

Arnaud Montebourg wants to move the lines. The tenant Bercy calls “to change our political choices.” “We must provide alternatives,” he said in an interview with Mond e. A speech that contrasts with the pronounced there is a little less than ten days by President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls who refused to change policy course. Traveling in the Comoros to chair the summit of the Indian Ocean Commission, the Head of State said on the sidelines of a press conference: “” I wish we could convince our European partners to give priority to growth. Anyone who wears this idea are welcome and it is the position of the entire government. ” For its part, Matignon sees “nothing shocking” and “nothing new.” “The European situation is changing. The President and the Prime Minister act in this direction and the Prime Minister expects the minister (Arnaud Montebourg, ed) a total commitment to the growth and purchasing power, “said Will the same source.

As head of state, three days earlier, Arnaud Montebourg called to order European leaders against the recession that threatens the continent. He denounced “the reduction of deficits forced march” which he says is an “economic aberration because it aggravates unemployment, financial absurdity, because it makes possible the restoration of public accounts, and a political disaster because it throws Europeans into the arms of extremist parties. ” Undisguised for German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the European Commission and the European Central Bank, who have made their priority the reduction of deficits where France put on growth message. Arnaud Montebourg added: “We must give priority to the crisis and to overshadow the dogmatic deficit reduction.”

For this purpose, the minister called for an “intensification of tax cuts for middle and lower classes”, three days after the president announced Wednesday two nudges in favor of more modest. employees “We have helped businesses, it is urgent to help households,” he adds. A measure which, if it is not accompanied by cuts in public spending could leave gaps still spinning. What enrage again Angela Merkel and the European Commission have repeatedly called attention to France’s deficit reduction targets and refused to offer Paris a new grace period.

But again the difference in tone between Francois Hollande and Arnaud Montebourg is obvious. Where the head of state had said it will not “face to face” with Berlin, Economy Minister says he did not intend to let it go and call to “speak up.” “If we were to align ourselves with the most extreme orthodoxy of the German right, it would mean that even when the French voted for the French left, in truth they would vote for the implementation of the program of the German right,” alerte- he said. Remarks we have already had the opportunity to hear in the Arnaud Montebourg mouth, but make sense when it took on the costume Minister of Economy.

It also does not hesitate to attack the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi. “The ECB needs to shift gears and start to do what all central banks of the world, including countries that have to revive growth, namely purchase of public debt,” he says. On the eve of the publication of the interview, “Super Mario” was “confident” about the effectiveness of its action and called on governments to do more. The showdown with Germany, the ECB and Brussels looks muscular. “Half time is always the time of the tactical and strategic review,” he concluded shaped nod towards Francois Hollande.


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