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The crossover of aoûtiens coming to an end after a peak of 560 km – Le Nouvel Observateur

The crossover of aoûtiens coming to an end after a peak of 560 km – Le Nouvel Observateur

Lyon (AFP) – Ranked nationally red and black on the Mediterranean coast, the second largest crossover holidaymakers ran better than expected, with a peak of 560 km of caps at 1230, far behind the two previous weekends.

On the same date a year earlier, the record of the summer of 2013 had been achieved with a cap of 877 km midday. But this record was sprayed on August 2, with a peak of 994 km of traffic jams, which has never been equaled since.

By early afternoon, traffic began lower at 19.00 and persisted Saturday only 195 km of plugs, including 118 km in the direction of returns, primarily in the Rhone Valley, according smart Bison.

“The fact that on August 15 falls on a Friday allowed to spread out the traffic in three days, “told AFP Dominique Lerouvillois, duty manager at the National Traffic Information Centre (CNIR.)

Added to this is a very weather favorable, which induces few accidents and therefore less disruptive, he has noted.

As usual, the first difficulties arose from 7:00 on the A7 towards Valencia towards the Mediterranean and were amplified from 10:00. “But the traffic was below what was expected in both directions,” he has said.

After a peak of 200 km cap to 1:00 p.m., and the Rhone Valley A8 and A9 highways remained “very busy” earlier this afternoon in both directions.

Southbound persisted only in the late afternoon, 10 km to go traffic on the A7 north of Istres, and 7 km on the A9 south of Perpignan.

To avoid traffic congestion, traditional measures of speed control -de 130 km / 110 h or 90 km / hour) had been set up in some sections of the A7 in both directions.

In Britain, the traffic was still slow on the N176 9 km south of Saint-Malo

-. bumper against bumper –

Vacationers traveling to Italy had to be patient at the toll of the Mont-Blanc, where it took up to 60 minutes at midday. No comparison with 2:15 last week.

In the sense of returns, aoûtiens still rolled bumper against bumper 16 km on the A7 north of Orange (Vaucluse) and at Montelimar. Also difficulties on the A75 south of Issoire (28 km.)

On the A9, 9 km from decelerations are noted to Montpellier and 7 km east of Narbonne on the A61.

In the southwest, the A63 remained bottled 11 miles east of Arcachon (Gironde). The last two weekends have been very busy on the roads, with a record of caps 994 km Saturday, August 2 at 13:00, which is the equivalent of driving Lille Biarritz completely congested, and even 714 km of slowdowns the same time last Saturday.

Smart ranked Bison day Sunday for departures in green, orange to red and returns to the Mediterranean.


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