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Resignation of government: three starts and a new team – The World

Resignation of government: three starts and a new team – The World

The team “fighting” formed by Manuel Valls after the Socialist defeat in municipal elections lasted only 147 days. Challenged by bravado Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon this weekend, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, gave the president the resignation of his government Monday, August 26. Back on a day full of surprises that opens a new chapter in the five-year Hollande.

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  • 9 h 30, the statement from the Elysee
Manuel Valls, 6 July 2011

Four sentences sufficient to avoid term to the mission of government. They were released Monday morning by the Elysee Palace. In this pithy statement, the President noted he had received from his prime minister the government’s resignation. The Head of State added that he told Manuel Valls the task of forming a new team, “consistent with guidelines it has set itself for our country. “

The formula, rather unusual in this type of communication, illustrates the difficulty the government would have to continue to run after the strong criticism of the Minister the Economy and the Minister of Education, who called this weekend in a “change of economic course” .

According to the Elysee, “the government Valls II “will be named the day after the announcement, on Tuesday 26 August.

  • 10 hours, knock

While the opposition welcomes ‘resignation necessary “ and the opportunity to tackle a president ” to the natural passivity ” , the presidential majority is torn apart. Between supporters of the line set by Arnaud Montebourg and followers of François Hollande and his prime minister, the break seems consumed. If the first see it “a great opportunity to change course” , the second welcome “the act of authority” of the executive.

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  • 11:00, it rains on the island of Sein
The president was on Brittany in the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Liberation.

Shortly before the arrival of François Hollande on Brittany on the occasion of the celebrations of 70 th anniversary of the Liberation, the president’s entourage announced that he would not speak on the government crisis. Allow the hand to the Prime Minister, was the objective. But the honor of the President of the Republic to the Resistance literally fell into the water, while the president was speaking in the pouring rain, and all eyes were turned to rather Matignon.

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  • All morning parade at Matignon
The ballet of the ministers' cars - with the notable exception of Christiane Taubira, came by bike - a rhythmic court Matignon Monday

The ballet cars ministers – with the notable exception of Christiane Taubira, came by bike – a rhythmic court Matignon Monday. The Prime Minister has indeed received many ministers to probe them on their adherence to the political line of the executive.

This is based on this positioning Manuel Valls should form his government. While some meetings only lasted a few minutes, as the Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, or the interior minister, Frédéric Cazeneuve, others are stretched in length, including the Minister of Education ., Benoît Hamon, announced the start, despite the desire of Manuel Valls keep it in his new team

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  • 13 hours, the Greens call away
  • An hour and a half of discussion, the Executive Office of the Green party had definitely many things to say. Gathered in a conference call, relatives of Cécile Duflot called for a vote on a possible government involvement. They did not get, for the simple reason that they do not need. The party leadership has ruled unanimously against a return environmentalists government

    The opportunity is However tempting for Francois Hollande, and Manuel Valls to seek to join environmentalists to avoid ending up with a small team. A EELV, those who ignored the advice of their party, however, would not support and would be exposed to at least a suspension. However, some might, individually, be seduced by the temptation of a ministerial portfolio.

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    • 15 h 30, the letter breaking Filippetti

    “My dear Manuel” , completed his round Aurélie Filippetti write the header of the letter, although very formal. To the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and published by The World , the letter from the Minister of Culture is an act of non-candidacy. She explains why she will not participate in future government: “I choose to share my loyalty to my ideals” , she wrote. “The debate was opened on economic policy is beneficial and necessary” in a “disarray” of voters.

    • 17 hours, Arnaud Montebourg resumes his “freedom”