Sunday, August 17, 2014

Murders: Toulouse fears a drifting Marseille – Le Parisien

Murders: Toulouse fears a drifting Marseille – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.024497032165527 sec -> “What we feared there three days arrived Friday night,” was worried yesterday Michel Valet, the public prosecutor Toulouse. A second probable settlement of accounts 48 hours between rival gangs took place on Friday, 20 am to 30 in the square of Milan, in the sensitive area of ​​Mirail.
<- hard dé e: 0.085769891738892 sec -> A 24 year old man was shot dead while he was alone at his table in a facility where people can smoke hookah drink tea or eat. Known to the court for aggravated robbery, drug trafficking and conspiracy, the victim was targeted eight times by a gunman entered the store. The author shots then fled on a motorcycle with another man who, in turn, fired gunshots outside. A dozen guests attended the apparent execution. The victim, a single non-working, died an hour later at the hospital Rangueil.

In eight months, this is the fourth murder, against a backdrop of drug trafficking, which mourned the Pink City. Thursday, Walid Larbi-Bey, a 29-year-Toulousain, a time imprisoned for attempted murder, was riddled with bullets from an assault rifle as he returned to his girlfriend’s home in Beauzelle, a town in the north-western agglomeration. Fifteen cartridges had been found at the scene. Investigators therefore link the murder with the Toulouse district where the victim resided Izards until recently.

The law of silence

In December, the district, the hub of drug trafficking, was the scene of the murder weapon in war . Indicted for attempted murder of the manager of the pizzeria Milano, Walid Larbi-Bey had been left open in May for lack of incriminating evidence.

To halt the spiral of violence “in Marseille,” the prosecutor appealed to the residents of these neighborhoods, where the silence seems to reign. “We are facing a very serious situation, a radicalization of these groups, said Michel Valet. There is reason to think that there are links between some of these cases. Besides these four murders, there were also two attempted murders. To prevent future tragedies, we need people who know something about the facts speak. ”


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