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What is Europe Ecologie Les Verts? – The Express

What is Europe Ecologie Les Verts? – The Express

“It seems that the weather will be stormy in Bordeaux … but do not see any political connotation,” is quick to Ronan Dantec. The member of Loire-Atlantique involved until Saturday to summer days of Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV), where the book of former minister Cécile Duflot takes center stage media, while activists and elected officials are working on more existential questions. Such as Friday night, for example: “What is expected of environmentalists?”

Yes, 40 years after René Dumont and the beginnings of political ecology in France, what are they on the national political scene? What do they bring to the debate? “As the sea rises, the level drops from us, sorry MEP Karima Delli. L ecology policy is booming across Europe and around the world … But in France, the party seems asphyxiated and detached from reality. ” In the media, in fact, when the Greens speak, this is first for (delete as appropriate, if applicable):

  • Telling their “disappointment” after two years of participation in a government of the left, as Cécile Duflot
  • Asserting that the EELV is up to the government rather … after pushing former ministers to the EELV output, such as Jean-Vincent Place
  • Saying that education is in a crisis of post-adolescence or sorely lacking in maturity, as Dominique Voynet Yves Cochet or
  • Explain why they slam the door of a party where debates boil down too often struggles of people like Marie-Christine Blandin.

The departure of the latter, it has a few weeks, there is d Besides “a very bad signal” in the eyes of Karima Delli MEP who was his assistant. “It showed me that ecology could go to the popular classes, talking to them about concrete everyday life, first needs such as housing and food, and better living. It is part of people of conviction who unfortunately left the party, as Daniel Cohn-Bendit and José Bové. ”

“No dream …”

Among those who remain, people issues parasitize the EELV inner life. “We need at last we passed the stables for a coherent and readable audible political line. We thought we have arrived at the last Congress which appointed Emmanuelle Cosse at the head of the party, but we’re not there yet reached” laments the former MEP Sandrine Aries.

Worse, role play took place between, including Cécile Duflot and Jean-Vincent Place, focusing the debate on the issue of its participation in the government of Jean-Marc Ayrault and Manuel Valls. One issue that concerns only the microcosm, according to many environmentalists tired of having to comment on the latest political maneuvering of the “firm” as Noel Mamere nicknamed the …

 Who is dreaming in EELV & quot; & quot ;, person to Yves Cochet eyes ...

Who is dreaming in EELV? “No,” to Yves Cochet eyes …


Result ” no dream, “summarizes Yves Cochet highlighting the paradox in the Sunday newspaper : citizens’ say yes ecology, non-environmentalists.” Pyrrhic victory for environmentalists who in 40 years have managed to impose their themes without imposing themselves. And yet … “ The Greens are in large part responsible for the advancement of ideas on ecology. But we must not forget the role of associations defending the environment,” nuance Daniel Boy, specialist environmentalists Cevipof, interviewed by The Cross .

The Climate Conference, key appointment late 2015

While environmentalists today can bring in the political debate? What is their value? For now, “our role will be to influence government policy before the Climate Conference in December 2015,” says Ronan Dantec. A key event for which environmentalists want to weigh. “There is always an element of role play, of course, among those pushing the media and those who work within the texts of the Parliament. We will have a moment of truth in fifteen months,” before moving traditional issues of alliances for parliamentary and presidential elections.

A perspective that already irritates Karima Delli and some of his comrades who sign an article in Release to say no to “political ecology on the cheap” . “Stop being a single satellite or a vassal of the PS, offer a real alternative to working with NGOs, scientists and unions,” joked the one. One rider who so far has not allowed EELV making sparks at national level, compared honorable scores environmentalists record at local and European level.

Those who take low growth

But Ronan Dantec also sees a longer-term goal for his party, powered secondary role to star on stage policy. participate in a “profound recomposition of the left currently driven by a divide between environmentalists and production- EELV could unite those who assume low growth while putting in place the necessary transitions and maintaining solidarity “.

“Some would recreate the left, but we should reclaim our identity, warns Sandrine Aries. Especially that we are told that even the FN wants to position on environmental issues now!” For the former MEP EELV, the key to salvation is so simple that it should be obvious: “It’s ecology must we demonstrate that environmental issues have a direct impact on economic and social issues. and that this developing is the only way out of the crisis. This is our added value. ” If some little reminder, Bordeaux, had forgotten …


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