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In Toulouse, settling between childhood friends back on … – The World

In Toulouse, settling between childhood friends back on … – The World

A shooting at the pizzeria The Milano, Toulouse, one person was killed on January 21.

Square Milan neighborhood Mirail in Toulouse. In Turkish cafes, we play okey, a sort of domino popular on the Bosphorus, or “bastard”, a game of cards. A few meters away, Friday, August 15, a young man was shot dead outside a teahouse. He was 20 h 51, the players were in full party.

“There were no stories like this for years,” says local resident while a burning smell filled the terrace. He smiled: “It’s a car that scorched the parking lot. “ Then again: ” When we saw pass the two-wheeler with two armed with a Kalashnikov type, we thought it was a toy. “

A few seconds later, he heard eight gunshots. Local residents flock. A man lying on the sidewalk riddled with bullets: Mehdi El Aouamad 25 years. He grew up in Izards, another area north of Toulouse, where it all began. He died less than an hour later at the hospital, latest victim of a new series of settling scores. For nine months the small town of 4,000 souls has been at the heart of four murders and two attempted.


yesterday, Thursday, August 14, another kid from Izards Walid Larbi-Bey, 29, was “smoked” outside the home of his girlfriend, nine months pregnant. A “leg” as dealers and police say between two former classmates became enemies in the name of their conflictual rise in drug trafficking. Izards to now, childhood friends are killing for money.

Mehdi El Walid Larbi Aouamad and Bey are frequented on school benches Ernest Renan. They played football together with their peers, whose small Mohamed Merah neighborhood child too. In adolescence, they began stealing scooters, and again rose to steer with friends, always with Merah. Growing up, some have started dealing. And recently, to shoot.

The sequence of the last two murders led the prosecutor of Toulouse, Michel Valet, out of his usual reserve to worry when to a press conference, a “radicalization” to Marseille. The city is a far cry from the situation in Marseilles, and his twenty-laws annual accounts. The excitement of the magistrate translated disarray investigators face this series of regulations unusual accounts in these neighborhoods.


Fabrice (the real name), 38, the leader Izards, knew all the victims. He is able to date the tilt of the district, which has long lived in the shadow of Mirail, the more bad reputation: “In the mid 2000s, the city has grown from cannabis to deal coke. A lot of money came in and attitudes have changed. The young have metamorphosed. Traffic divided childhood friends. “

Not since the December 4, 2013 to understand the macabre sequence that claimed the lives of four men, two of whom were there by chance, according to preliminary results of the survey . That day, leaving tobacco Walid Larbi Bey miraculously escaped four shooters that water the trade front.

Sentenced for multiple flights, which earned him spend most of his time in prison between 2006 and 2013, Walid Larbi Bey accused his childhood friend Mehdi El Aouamad – co-manager, with that we will call Rigaf, pizzeria The Milano – of trying to kill him. These two men are allies with a “Zoreille” Mirail to make off with trafficking coke to Izards. “He wants to be clever, but it is not her strongest,” declare Larbi-Bey later the judge.


The day after the shooting of bar-tabac while he rides a bicycle, Rigaf misses being crushed by a Clio belonging to the mother of Larbi-Bey. He will tell police she was chased in his flight by a passenger vehicle Larbi Bey himself. In the confusion, a shot is fired.

Three days after this episode, December 8, 2013, an apprentice baker of 18 years, unknown to police, was killed by a burst of Kalashnikov to block G Street Chamois, a point of Izards deal. According to residents of the city, it is Rigaf, who was in the hall at that moment, was intended.

Suspected of being behind these attacks, Walid Larbi-Bey is set Review December 17, 2013 and imprisoned. In prison, he repeats to anyone who will listen: “Rigaf, he better be careful. “ While he is in jail on January 21, two masked men burst into the Milan and opened fire. A 25 year old client is killed. Two injured. Rigaf, who had just left the establishment, once again escapes the “rematch.”


A few months later, Rigaf decide not to bring civil actions for the episode of the Clio. He does not recognize his attackers. May 23, Walid Larbi-Bey, who also presents a solid alibi for the shooting of the block G (it appears on the video toll Montauban at the time) and for the shooting of Milano (he was in prison) is released on probation.

Suspected by the rumor of being the mastermind of the attacks, he will be killed less than two months later by parking his BMW in front of the apartment of his girlfriend. The next day, his old childhood friend is killed. “The ball is in the center, must play resumes. There may be extensions “ Fabrice fears, the facilitator.

Christian Etelin was for years the lawyer for the two men and the number of kids Izards, including Mohamed Merah . “In the name of money and the struggle for recognition, so crucial in the cities, everything is gone, he sighs. You get to eliminate a childhood friend. It is a terrible symptom of the degradation of the social bond in these cities. Or is it the money or is it god. “


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