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“This policy, this is not what was sold to us in 2012″ – The World

"This policy, this is not what was sold to us in 2012″ – The World

The atmosphere of the inaugural convention of Francois Hollande as Socialist candidate for president was festive, October 22 in Paris.

The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, asked, according to the president, the resignation of his government Monday 25 August. An unexpected announcement follows the sling of some ministers, Arnaud Montebourg in the side to the economic policy of François Hollande.

Of the voters of 2012 François Hollande, many people responded to the call for evidence launched LeMonde.fr, some no longer expect anything from the government; others, think that Manuel Valls, Hollande took the right decision. We publish here a selection.

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  • “I hope that the new government will demonstrate improved stability and greater credibility, “ by William

” The decision of the head of the State was amply justified: if ministers do not agree with the government line, they need to go. This does not affect my membership in this line, but it takes consistency. I hope the new government will demonstrate improved stability and greater credibility [...]. My convictions of voter left are not shaken. The only thing we can blame Holland is to govern as if he was still at the head of PS: the search for compromise. At the head of a state, it is almost impossible. “

  • ” Voters of Holland no longer recognize the long-standing policy, “ Benedict

“Sunday night I was delighted about Montebourg kept its Rose festival. I was naively convinced that this whole attack was coordinated with the head of government and head of state to give Hollande political arguments for a shift at the European Council meeting at the end of the week.

“I saw in the” yellow line “Sunday night we were talking a reaction” to form “without consequences other than a reaction of the Prime Minister the next day that it is” normal “that there to be debate within the government: as is usually done. I was extremely surprised and shocked Monday morning to find the government’s resignation [...]. Voters in Holland no longer recognize the long-standing policy. “

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  • ” Even if we have to lose in 2017, c ‘? is the obligatory passage, “ by Didier

” Militant Socialist who joined for the first time in 1982, ségoléniste in 2007 I voted Valls in the first round of the primary [socialist] and Holland in the second. I am totally in line with Holland-Valls economic policy in 2014 to stop to have a dogmatic vision as we saw in section, that is to say, always to the left. The world is open, it is capitalist, open eyes.

“I have the opportunity to travel a lot, there are lots of jobs in the United States, for example, that we do not have at home, because the cost of labor. We must therefore reduce the cost of labor. This has a political cost, and section meetings will be very rough! But even if we have to lose in 2017, this is a must. Otherwise, we will transfer the burden to the next generation who will suffer much more than what we can and must do today [...]. Every encouragement to Francis and manual. If they go down to 5% in popularity, I will be! “

  • ” Solutions do not fall from the sky or from the Elysee, “ by Nathalie

“Holland can not do everything! To think that a president can change everything something childlike and some would love that people keep believing. And that is what is dangerous. Populism has its roots in poverty and ignorance.

“We must collectively but also individually” move us “for things to change. The solutions do not fall from the sky or from the Elysee. Tenant must be a facilitator of actions. The “rebellious” PS did not understand that the time for debate is past now. It is action that the country needs. I’m not disappointed by Hollande but by all those “little ministers” who think always more to them than the public interest. “

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  • ” I do not hope nothing of this government, “ by Antoine

” higher in a large enterprise setting, I was deeply shocked by the Sarkozy government. Pursued by business of all kinds of derogatory attitudes towards the weak … I thought at the time that a government of the left (I always voted for the left) could not be worse.

” Yet. The committed by government policy is catastrophic. The leader of the “normal” state is completely absent. While the right is broken because of an equal fight, left, follows the same path. We no longer expect anything from this government. One would almost expect a total change in governance [...]. Everything is done in reverse. The worst part? The arrival barging the National Front. “

  • ” I want to leave Holland to work until 2017, then I will decide as a citizen, “ by Nicolas

“I voted Holland to then presidential primary because he played for me the possibility of a lucid socialism social justice but fiscal discipline and structural reforms. If the President says: “We have to tighten our belts,” I can understand, but what annoyed me was the impression of a floating constant: taxes are increased then the decline: a step left, one step to the right [...].

“Above all, my annoyance comes from all these dissenting voices. Proposed by the “slingers” except more expenditure, consumption, etc. I need regular. Where are the really new ideas? In the end, I retain some sympathy for the man and I’m tired of these endless attacks or foundation. I want to let him work until 2017, then I will decide as a citizen. “

  • ” This is not what was sold to us in 2012, “ by Mary

“I certainly do not expect miracles. But I expected better. Hollande campaigned in 2012 on a policy of the left: “My enemy is finance,” , etc. He also promised an ecological policy. But it starts with fire ecologists, there a few months. Today is the turn of those who advocate an economic policy a little more to the left than the government.

“Economically, the policy of this government is no different from that of the previous [. ..]. Except we did not vote for it. This is not what was sold to us in 2012 so I think that there is a form of intellectual dishonesty and to have misled voters. “

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  • ” The method and orientation is consistent with that for which j ‘had voted “ by Hubert

” When François Hollande was chosen as PS candidate in the primary, the main traits of the candidate seemed to me obvious: the right of the PS, Amateur consensus more than voluntarism, convinced European [...] Claiming discover today that the President of the Republic does not want a policy of economic stimulus is either the bad faith, or blindness. The novel method of the resignation of the government, I explained as a reaction to those very unjustified criticism [...] It is to be hoped that the strongest will close this ongoing trial on his alleged indecision. I do not feel so betrayed as a supporter and voter. I’m obviously disappointed with the results that the policy has given so far, but I think the method and direction consistent with that for which I voted. “

  • ” the nature of our own party is changed, no debate, no vote, without Congress, “ by Helen

“I campaigned convinced by relatives and anonymous yes, Holland would be the president of change. Today, hollandistes, vallistes and all party cadres telling us who will listen: we never lied, it’s not our fault if you have over-interpreted the speech he must be loyal, etc. I do not even go over my PS section because I can not stand this speech.

“The policy provides the PS in 2012, apart from Collomb and Valls, nobody adhered! The nature of our own party is changed, no debate, no vote, no congress and it is we who are at fault. I stopped to get involved and I keep my card until the convention … unless the government rethinks left on a new basis. “

  • ” Valls made the right decision but it is probably too late, “ by Alain

“I’m a French overseas (I live in Barcelona), I voted Socialist all my life. My opinion is that this division of the left is dramatic for the country because, added to the chaos that saw the UMP, it draws a boulevard for the FN.

“Manuel Valls made the right decision with this resignation, he shows his authority, but it is probably too late. This five-year period is a failure … unless the numbers of the French economy miraculously reversed. Am I disappointed hollandisme? Yes I do. It was his inability to influence the European stage, facing Angela Merkel, that disappoints me the most. “

  • ” I was just hoping the calm and gathering “, by Pierre

“Elector right, I voted for Hollande without conviction. I was just hoping the calm and rally after five years of debate clivants (immigration, national identity, security). Instead, Francois Hollande has chosen to divide more than its predecessor.

“Voluntarily, he focused the first year of his quiquennat on a reform that had no emergency and he knew that it would cause an electric political climate. He showed that, as Nicolas Sarkozy, it was primarily the president of a clan and that the reforms relating to the whole of society would go after: public services, social security, employment, industrialization and competitiveness. On these issues, he had also prepared anything. The result is there. “

  • ” This is the man that is in question, not humanism that carries the Socialist Party, “ by Alain

“I hope the new government will be tightened, willful, aggressive in a good way against an opposition that has nothing to offer. Certainly if these difficult reforms are made, the right regained power in 2017 and silently thank the reforms made by the left, but this will be the price for the left again become a party of government for future generations.

“I am and I remain left despite the blunders made by François Hollande since his election. This is the man that is in question, not the humanism that carries the Socialist Party. It remains to convince the slingers of the need for social democratic politics. “


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