Thursday, August 21, 2014

Emmanuelle Cosse: “The adverse effects of this policy happen” – The World

Emmanuelle Cosse: "The adverse effects of this policy happen" – The World

Emmanuelle Cosse, national secretary of Europe Ecology-Greens in January 2014

Thursday, August 21 open summer days Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV). In an interview (Article surcharge) Release , the leader, Emmanuelle Cosse, criticizes the policy of the government, while distributing good points to Ségolène Royal, minister of ecology, “beyond his strong belief (…) communicates very well”

Analysis. Environmentalists address the weak and divided

She said the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, does not adopt the right strategy:

“Just look at the indicators. For two years, the choice to provide liquidity to companies does not produce its effect. However, the adverse effects of this policy coming: recession and difficulty maintaining employment. Manuel Valls trying to kill a debate he can not kill. “

Critics assumed by Emmanuelle Cosse, which reaffirms that ” This is not because we are partners PS we have to say amen to his policies. Holland Valls and do not work enough to have a majority in Parliament larger “left

Portrait. Emmanuelle Cosse, Act Up Mi’Kmaq environmentalists


It welcomes in contrast with an advanced law on the energy transition, “for the first time (…) establishes the principle that nuclear generation in the energy mix will be limited and reduced by 2025 we can not afford the cost of nuclear. “ He added that, though, ” all is not satisfactory “,” the key question remain [ing] that of funding. “

As for the question of a rapprochement with the socialists and centrists, advocated by Senators EELV leader, Jean-Vincent Place, she kicked into touch:

“I do not want my party to be exclusively oriented towards the elections, including the 2017 presidential question will arise after the regional, Before 2016, students must pass the regional cantonal, but also in cities like Grenoble where we gained responsibilities. “


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