Thursday, August 21, 2014

The deadly Havre teenager wanted to defend his sister “suffers … – TF1

The deadly Havre teenager wanted to defend his sister "suffers … – TF1

The 15 year old boy suspected of fatally stabbing a girl there one week Havre wanted to protect her sister “scapegoat” of three girls, whose victim, said the lawyer for the young man who was taken into custody Wednesday. Indicted Friday for “voluntary homicide”, the young man, Charlie, was stabbed with a knife in the stomach Lucie, 18, after a heated argument with opposite four girls, including the victim and the sister of the young alleged murderer. Lucia, in memory of that white march gathering 300 people took place Saturday at Havre, had died Thursday morning at the hospital, as a result of his injury. The event took place at the tram station in the district of La Mare au Clerc, placid of the port city. The suspected killer was apprehended quickly on the platform of the tram.

According to Hugues Vigier, defense lawyer, who spoke to reporters after the provisional detention decided by a judge of freedoms and detention, the gesture of Charlie is due to violence against his sister. “In terms of intensity of violence, gesture Charlie is definitely weaker than the blows to his sister Elodie by three girls who assaulted Rachel Alva and Lucy,” he told AFP Me Vigier. “The problem is that it has a lethal weapon and it hits a vital area,” he said, adding that before hitting, he was insulted by Lucia. “It strikes because it was she who came up to him,” he said, suggesting that the victim was not specifically targeted by the teenager.

“The CCTV cameras show what happened”

Elodie, already suffering from reduced mobility before the attack , according to Mr. Vigier, was due to be hospitalized after the beating during the fight with the three girls. For the lawyer, the latter “rotting his life for over a year, it was their whipping boy,” and it could be a story of rivalry in love. Depending on the place of the facts as described by the lawyer, Rachel, Alva and Lucie had already beaten Elodie first time on the day of the tragedy, in the presence of Charlie.

Elodie’s mother, wishing she complains, came to the rescue of his daughter. “Seeing the scene from his house, Charlie is gone take a knife to defend his sister and mother,” said he detailed. “The CCTV cameras show what happened,” said Mr Vigier. Recently, Lucie’s mother, Maryse Haubert, accused murderer of the young premeditated. “By seeking a knife, he wanted to kill,” had she said on BFM-TV.


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