Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Montebourg: Holland lies all the time, that’s why it’s 20% – Le Figaro

Montebourg: Holland lies all the time, that's why it's 20% – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLITICS / VIDEOS – The outgoing Minister of Economy spoke to two journalists who were preparing his portrait. The comments and assumed to be public, are very hard against the president.

Arnaud Montebourg had scheduled a burst of criticism against the president before being landed imagine the government. And the criticism went beyond economic policy decided by the executive.

In a very rich anecdotes and confidences book, journalist Valentin Spitz published Sept. 10 “Me President” (Publishing Archipelago), a portrait of outgoing Minister of Economy which he agreed to participate. “Holland lies all the time. That’s why it is 20% in the polls. He lies. He lies all the time from the beginning “, Arnaud Montebourg is annoyed at his office in Bercy, before the author

He continued, June 27, 2014. ” With Francois Hollande, one can not talk so we no longer discuss. It is useless, discussions with him are useless. Sympathetic but useless “Following the post-municipal cabinet reshuffle, he describes his relationship with the Elysee.” Since I became Minister for the Economy, I’m not going to argue with (Francois Hollande) to Elysee. I spend my time Matignon. Besides, I have instructed my staff not to go to the Elysee, “He said.” I have minimal contact with the president. I consider myself cohabitation. President of the Republic presides but we are doing. “



Leader of the Left Socialist Party, Arnaud Montebourg considers to be “much more socialist than the socialists. I am quite clear with that. Why should I leave? It is for them to get better, “he confided to the reporter October 25 2013 At the time, Jean-Marc Ayrault is still prime minister:” This is a disaster. It will not last long like that. Valls, Peillon … We all have enough. We all want to get the hell … It’s possible, really, it’s anything … It leaves the door open to the FN. We can do no more, it is the end. This amateurish, it’s unbelievable. “

January 10, this fan of Claude François and Homeland series ensures it must end” two or three records that (he) would like to heart and basta. “” I’ll tell them it starts to do well, “he let go. To target the presidential election? “You know, my ambitions everybody knows (…) I do not know what I’ll do, it’s too early. I can tell you in two years, six months. I do not know. “

Another journalist from France 2, spent time with the minister. In a portrait that will air Thursday Special Envoy , Arnaud Montebourg book, especially by making a parallel to its local commitment: “I have spent evenings with people to explain what situation very it was difficult. This is what should be Holland with France. “Minister believes that François Hollande” does not do enough. I tell him everything, but he did not listen. “


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