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Toulouse: fear of “radicalization” after two murders in 48 hours – Le Nouvel Observateur

Toulouse: fear of "radicalization" after two murders in 48 hours – Le Nouvel Observateur

A man was gunned down Friday evening in a sensitive area of ​​ Toulouse , which is the second settlement of accounts fatal in 48 hours and raised fears the Attorney Republic a “radicalization” in Marseille.

“If we take the series of events that we have just mentioned, we have nothing to envy in Marseille., I think the situation is indeed very serious “said prosecutor at Toulouse , Michel Valet, during a press briefing held Saturday, August 16 after the death of a man killed in cold blood Friday night in what amounts to a reckoning.

“The radicalization is being”

This is the fourth death brutal since December Toulouse in apparent executions reminiscent of a war between rival gangs, whose murder on Thursday in the Kalashnikov, a man with a criminal record heavy.

“In less than nine months, we’ve had four murders and two attempted with relatively similar procedures. The links between these facts arises, “said Michel Jack, saying” very concerned “.

” Radicalization is ongoing, “a-t he said.

Friday night around 8:30 p.m., a man of 24 years known for aggravated violence, drug trafficking and conspiracy, was coldly killed in a tearoom and chicha de Bagatelle, a city the sensitive area of ​​Mirail.

Two people traveling in helmeted motorized two-wheelers stopped outside. One of them entered the room and fired eight times according to preliminary results of the investigation. Six bullets hit the victim, who died at the hospital around 21:30.

“We are clearly on a track of reckoning” had in the morning said a police source.

The two assailants fled with their two-wheelers, one of them pulling “at least once” to cover the leak. At least one weapon may have been used , “perhaps a weapon of war,” said cautiously Michel Jack, the same type as that used in the murder on Thursday.

“There is a tendency to think that there may be ties, “he said.

On Thursday, a 29-year-Toulousain, recently jailed for attempted murder, was riddled with bullets from an assault rifle to Beauzelle in the northwest suburb of Toulouse . Fifteen cartridges had been found.

Turntable drug trafficking

The investigators had made the connection with the Toulouse district Izards, where the victim resided until recently. This area, often described as a hub for drug trafficking in Toulouse, was the scene of two murders resembling execution in December 2013 Kalashnikovs and 21 January. A man was then riddled with a dozen bullets.

The victim was identified Thursday as Walid Larbi-Bey, born in Algeria in 1984 was sentenced several times by the courts, it was suspected to have been the author of an attempted murder on Dec. 5 by an organized gang.

The man killed Friday night also lived until recently in Izards, said Michel Compact.

“What we feared has happened very quickly,” said the prosecutor, referring to fears of reprisals after he had mentioned the assassination on Thursday.

“one thinks of a return but there is no proof match”, said a police source told AFP, referring to the difficulty of conducting an investigation Mirail where “no one comes forward” to the police .

“stop the cycle”, the prosecutor appealed for witnesses, calling for an end to the “drift” in a city hitherto unaccustomed to such a series of murders. In this matter, Toulouse , however, remains far from Marseille where a dozen regulations fatal accounts have been committed since the beginning of January.


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