Tuesday, March 29, 2016

7 places in Paris will be redeveloped Coming: The Future Face – TF1

Paris makes its facelift. While the Council of Paris on Tuesday voted recasting seven emblematic places of the capital – Place de la Bastille, Nation, Pantheon, Italy, Madeleine, Gambetta Square and Christmas – modeling projects were also announced.

“The founding of these redevelopments is that pedestrians and cyclists take priority over those seven seats,” he told the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo presenting the project.

work will take place from 2017 to 2019
for Christophe Najdovski (EELV), Assistant to the carrier public space project, “these places s’ today resemble simple roundabouts “. The project “will allow to reconsider public space not as a single pipe to cars but also as a social life-support”
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The work, which will extend from 2017 to 2019, will take place in two stages: the first dedicated to traffic, the second to the development. The latter will be given for each place a collective of architects, urban planners, landscape architects, artists …

The budget for these facilities will amount to 35-40 million euros, held a budget insufficient by the Parisian right but also by the communists and environmentalists. The redevelopment of the only Republic Square has indeed cost 24 million euros.
The future 7 places in pictures

Consult the legend at the bottom of page.
• Place de la Bastille
(IV-XI-XII arrondissements)
This says that the town “How to make an appointment at the foot of the genius of Liberty a large plaza is released for pedestrian esplanade on which are arranged movable according to the desired uses.”

?? • Pantheon Square
It said that in the town hall: “the Pantheon, Paris the heart of knowledge, finds its splendor in the center of a unique, shared that changes according to the rhythms of the city. The pavement cleared of cars, unified space. The movement of residents and services maintained as a co-production of new uses foreshadows future arrangements “

• Place de la Madeleine
It said that in the town hall: ” the monument finds its historical setting out the shaft alignment. Traffic is reduced and open spaces allow more readable installation of flower market, food market and cultural kiosk. Shopkeepers and residents are invited to set new spaces “

• Place Nation
It said that in the town hall: “a Grand instead of the Nation open to all with a central garden, enlarged. An uncluttered crown gradually transformed with residents, residents, students and high school students “

Italy • Place
It said that in the town hall: “the center circle of the Italian instead facilitating pedestrian crossings and providing the ability to complete the square desired by Haussmann in the drawing room; this is the opportunity of a citizens coproduction around the garden city with residents, the Breuil school and the Ecole Estienne “

• Place the holidays
This says that the hall: “Place des Fêtes forges links. The market is reinstalled, crossings are made easier by the partial demolition of awnings, the central space is 100% pedestrian “

• Place Gambetta
It said that the municipality “perfect Witness the nineteenth century, the Place Gambetta expanding its sidewalks, unclutters space and find the consistency of its historic landscape.”


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