Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pedophilia in Lyon: complaints declared not prescribed – The Point

The alleged pedophilia father Bernard Preynat, indicted late January in Lyon, were declared not prescribed by the judge. The process thus continues, according to sources close to the issue that shakes the diocese. The defense of the priest seized the magistrate on the grounds that at the time of the cases brought by the judicial, between 1986 and 1991, the limitation period was three years for sexual assault facts alleged minor in religious, that framed then a group of scouts in the Lyon suburbs.

the limitation period extended

According to Mr. Frédéric Doyez, lawyer father Preynat, it would have been necessary that victims complain at the latest before the end of 1994. But the legislation has been amended since to extend the statute of limitations: it now allows victims to sue until the age of 38 years. Where a legal debate in recent weeks about the validity of the four complaints made against the priest in his indictment. The defense argued he could not be retroactivity of the law, while for the civil parties, on the contrary, the intention of Parliament, by changing the rules of prescription, was precisely to enable victims to file complaints on old facts. In an order Friday, according to two sources familiar with the matter, the judge hearing the case ruled in their favor, allowing the continuation of the procedure. This order may, however, be challenged before the investigating chamber of the appeal court.

Along with this record, an investigation was opened on the facts of “failure to report” including Archbishop Lyon, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, and other members of the diocese are accused by victims. Four complaints were filed in this pane. Last week, Cardinal Barbarin has apologized to victims during a preparative mass at Easter.


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