Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Holland retreating on the revision of the Constitution – Le Figaro

VIDEO – After four months of intense debate, Francois Hollande buried Wednesday the constitutional revision that was initiated after the November attacks. This decline announces end of delicate mandate for a weakened president.

A decline in open country. closed face and dark suit, Francois Hollande announced Wednesday in the Napoleon III salon of the Élysée, that he would not convene a Congress to pass his constitutional amendment. “I decided to close the constitutional debate,” he coolly dropped under the gilding of the Palace. A conclusion, both pitiful and freezing, which marked the end of four months of fierce debate of all against all (right / left, right / left, right / right, Assembly / Senate). And announcing a late delicate mandate for a president who sees his authority reduced to ashes (even within his political family) whose policy space dwindle or disappear.

This is a head of state on the defensive that tried to recover its initial decision in perspective, recalling that came after historical attacks. And he called the “overcoming partisan borders” in order to “gather”. Noting that the Assembly and the Senate have failed to agree on the text on the deprivation of nationality and part of the opposition she was “opposed to any constitutional amendment,” the president must retreat, showing the right finger. “I deeply deplore this attitude,” said he summarized.

In the process, the PS first secretary, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, and the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, made the after-sales service of the presidential decision, the first with his “apology” to french, while the latter complained before a raging Hémicycle, “inability” of the right and the left to gather, and the other one is referring elsewhere without shadows responsibility for this failure. “Holland has lost the hand, found the rebellious MP Pascal Cherki. How could he believe that the right would make him the gift of a constitutional revision a year before the presidential election? “

Not surprisingly, recent days have sealed the fate of this stillborn revision. Wednesday, Hollande received the last time the President of the Assembly, Claude Bartolone, and the Senate, Gerard Larcher, in whose hands this perilous reform was for weeks. Larcher told the president “ground lift” of senators who have spent the Easter weekend in “being yelled” in their department. “Divorce is consumed with the opinion,” he warned. The day before, Gerard Larcher and the two presidents of LR group, Christian Jacob (Assembly) and Bruno Retailleau (Senate) meeting early dawn, had also decided to bury the idea of ​​a Congress “on the cheap” on the only state of emergency and reform of the Supreme Council of magistracy (CSM).

At the Élysée, it ensures know “long” that the case was folded. “The day the Senate rewrote Article 2 (forfeiture), making impossible a compromise with the members, I understood that he wanted to filibuster,” says an adviser, who said he was “surprised” “the right does not seize a historic opportunity to vote on a provision it had itself proposed.” But even within the majority, many doubt the effectiveness of an operation to “put everything on the back of the right.” “It remains an initiative of the President,” sighs the PS deputy Christophe Caresche, which fears that the withdrawal reinforces the slingers, who rejoiced Wednesday in the corridors of the Assembly.

Anyway, the sequence is disastrous for Holland. By taking an idea from the right – the downfall – he wanted to trap. But it is finally on her that the trap closed, making pale in passing its reputation skilful tactician. “Holland is a clever fake, analysis framework of EELV. He still thinks he has managed his turn then he takes over the carpet “A former minister is even more severe.” Trying snowplow level snowflake on the black run, it ends in powder. And try tactics with great values, it does not forgive “

One thing is certain. That case, which has already done considerable damage to the left, leave traces, to thirteen months a presidential looming increasingly uncertain for Holland. According to an Ipsos survey published Wednesday by Le Monde, the head of state would be eliminated in the first round, regardless of the right candidate. Faced with Alain Juppé (31%), he would collect only 14% of the vote. Opposite Nicolas Sarkozy (27%), it would lose 16% of the vote.


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