Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Holland he will save the text of the constitutional amendment? – Point

François Hollande will speak on Wednesday after the cabinet meeting on the “fight against terrorism” and agreed on constitutional reform after the attacks of 13 November, with the extension of deprivation of nationality, has announced his entourage. The Head of State received Wednesday morning the presidents of the Senate, Gerard Larcher (LR), and the Assembly, Claude Bartolone (PS) before the Council of Ministers on the subject of constitutional reform. After four months of controversy, the leaders of the senators and deputies Republicans refuse a reform of the Constitution confined to the state of emergency. A position that will make it difficult to organize a Congress to vote Post bombings constitutional revision.

Article 1, which aims to enter the regime of the state of emergency in the law fundamental, the subject of a relative consensus between the two chambers, unlike the controversial Article 2 of deprivation of nationality for terrorists. But for the boss senators LR, “a half-reform is not reform.” “We will not take the Parliament (Congress, Ed) for the entrenchment of a state of emergency, then (…) that the state of emergency works” without, said Bruno Retailleau Tuesday after a meeting his group.

Two different versions of the forfeiture

Senate President Gerard Larcher, spoke before his colleagues LR, or to return to the Assembly text modified by the upper house, or for a “suspension of the shuttle” and stopping the review process to “focus on what we are discussing this week, the criminal law because it is that which is effective, . not the symbols, “one participant

on the same tone as his Senate counterpart, the President of RS group of the Assembly, Christian Jacob, has launched to the press:” Congress has a minimum “not” irrelevant “and” if the president is to want a Congress for Congress “is” shocking “. National Assembly and Senate passed the proposed revision announced by François Hollande after the attacks of 13 November, but each rewriting the flap on the decline. Now both chambers must reach the same version before any meeting of Congress, where the text must be approved by a majority of 3 / 5th.

“Little Elysian kitchen”

Just after the Senate vote, the day of the attacks Brussels, the head of state received Gerard Larcher and president of the national Assembly Claude Bartolone (PS), while the right and left will stop passing the responsibility a possible failure. “We’ll see if we can find convergences, but in a period to be fast”, assured Thursday the spokesman of the government, Stéphane Le Foll.

But the tone right seems to harden since Easter weekend. The presidents of RS groups had exchanges on a scenario they see coming from the Elysee “as the nose on your face,” according to one member. The possibility of a constitutional amendment reduced to a state of emergency, possibly with a reform of the Supreme Judicial Council, is ahead criticized as “hacking” or “small Elysian kitchen” by the Heads lead IDU members and the left Front. “The president insists his toy, a Congress not to lose face,” exclaims the LR Philippe Gosselin MP.

Holland forced to give up the reform?

Considering that “shortsighted politicians tactics have regained the right to the Senate,” the approach of the primary, a spokesman for the PS, Corinne Narassiguin has it, called the Retailleau Jacob output “shabby maneuver to hide their inability to agree on Article 2″. And emphasized that deprivation “has been proposed by President Hollande to meet as of right in the name of national unity to terrorism.” “It would be hard for the right coffee blocks the review and whether the fault of the PS,” railed last week a party of the tenor.

“I think (the process) will stop “blurted Tuesday patrick mennucci MP PS (PS) in the hallways. Even threatening his colleague Malek Boutih: the president “will be forced to give up the reform” but “itself ultimately did not helped her a lot” by not defending enough. However, parliamentary sources glide even on this reform “palliative care”, “the decision is as unpredictable as the one who will.”


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