Thursday, March 24, 2016

A planned attack “advanced” foiled in France – Le Figaro

VIDEO – A French involved in “high level” in a network was arrested. Operations continued in the new attack foiled nuit.Une

France, still overshadowed by the suicide attacks of 13 November who made 130 dead paris and Saint-Denis, has, it seems, to escape a new planned attack on its soil. This time, the Directorate General of Internal Security (ISB) already mobilized to find the remaining members of the cell that hit the capital and Brussels, neutralized another terrorist equipped fomented in Argenteuil, Val-d’Oise.

In the evening, Bernard Cazeneuve revealed that the police conducted in the morning a “major inquiry” that helped “thwart a planned attack in France led to an advanced stage” . “No tangible evidence links this project to the attacks of Paris and Brussels,” said the interior minister.

Shortly before midnight, a search was conducted by ISB with the support of the elite RAID police in an apartment building on a warrant issued by an investigating judge of terrorism pole Paris . The building was evacuated of its occupants and demining operations were conducted so that, according to the place Beauvau, “the police may conduct a search of the apartment, parking and common areas in optimum conditions.” A safety perimeter was deployed while reporters were asked to stay away.

“The individual arrested, a French national is suspected to be involved in high level in a terrorist network that planned to strike France, said the minister. This arrest is the result of a thorough investigation conducted for several weeks, which mobilized important means of physical and technical surveillance, as well as close and constant cooperation between European services. ”

If the project is confirmed, it would be the twelfth attempt foiled in fifteen months since, as revealed in late January Bernard Cazeneuve, services have been nipped in the bud not less ” eleven attacks in the course of 2015, six since the spring. “

in the last mid-December, a bloody equipped to the police station of Orleans in particular was stopped by ISB. Two French 24 and 25 were arrested in the Loiret. They had already recovered nearly 4,000 euros sent by mandate from Syria to buy assault rifles and take action. The main instigator was defending the EI and had welcomed the November killings.

On October 29, the men of Homeland Security based in Levallois, yet they had arrested Hakim, French 25, while he too was trying to obtain weapons to attack the naval base in the city to assassinate military of the navy. On the eve of July 14, the ISB had neutralized a commando of three men to the National Training Center of Fort Béar near Collioure (Pyrénées-Orientales). The group, which contained a revoked sailor wanted to behead an officer. And he was also connected with a Daech fighter in Syria.

Since the beginning of 2016, some 75 individuals linked to terrorist activities have been arrested across the country. The arrests resulted in 37 indictments and 28 incarcerations. The specter of terrorism never been so threatening.


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