Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Carnage in Brussels: French policies between discomfort and restraint –

In politics, there are particularly unfortunate coincidences and programming of the vote (-and his negative) on the deprivation of nationality for terrorist acts in the Senate on the day of deadly bombings bloodied Belgium was one. The fact that the president of the Socialist group in the National Assembly, Bruno Le Roux balance a tweet assassin on the “irresponsibility of the Senate right” that day (before the attacks, he argues), was a other. The initiative for the less unfortunate has boosted the opposition that initially, overplayed indignation, glad to find a pretext to attack the majority, but the controversy petered out quickly because all the world was aware that the gravity of the situation did not allow excess


and MPs have managed to avoid the invective and others who had much broncas shocked after the Congress of Versailles in November. In the absence of Marine Le Pen, the National Front sought the restoration of borders in Europe. Overdone: the FN you did not add more after the statements of Marion Maréchal Le Pen who said that with <"the FN in power, there would be no attacks of November 13!" / p>

however, embarrassment or discomfort was palpable in the corridors of the Senate, where the majority of Right upheld by 176 votes against 161, refusing to vote a text on the deprivation of nationality in accordance with that which was painstakingly adopted in the Assembly, depriving the government Francois Hollande and three-fifths of votes necessary for constitutional revision. Not sparing his sentence, the president of the LR group (Republicans), Bruno Retailleau has made many statements to justify the vote by arguing that “the disqualification is not a deterrent,” or by arguing that it is the Senate majority that is faithful to the wish expressed by the President of the Republic (ie forfeiture for binational). But there is a more political explanation for the refusal. In reality this vote marks the victory of Fillonistes (majority in the Senate right) on for Sarkozy. François Fillon is against forfeiture for binational and Nicolas Sarkozy is, from the start, supported the adoption of this text, in line with what he calls since 2010. An incident had indeed occurred between the two men at the LR group in the Assembly there three weeks. This division had not escaped from the rest Manuel Valls, just a few days, had pointed the debate “internal to the right”, regretting that the vote on the decline “is taken hostage by the primary right” . This refusal to vote a text in line with that of the Assembly also counteracts the commitment it a few weeks ago by Gérard Larcher, President of the Upper House to reach a compromise with the Assembly on the decline. If all senators were rather low profile, well aware that their position was difficult to justify a day when terrorism causes the death of 35 people in Brussels, he found a few dissenting voices to castigate this attitude like Senator centrist Haute-Vienne, Jean-Marc Gabouty, who lamented “we were discussing the sex of angels while there dead in Brussels”.

in the majority of his Socialist colleague very moderate Senator Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb chimed “we are not up to the events of the events of 13 November and Brussels. in such circumstances we have to agree.” Today everyone is looking for a way out, “because of the circumstances.” Of course, it is not only deprivation of nationality that would deter terrorist apprentices to pass the act. But this is no longer so effective that it is the policy of refusal to acquire a weapon more. Among the weapons there are precisely the one advanced by Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, defended by many elected officials, and already on the table of the Law Committee of the Senate to pass a sentence of “real life” for terrorists. This provision would prevent any review of a convicted terrorist before 30 years of imprisonment. “We have no problem to examine measures that are effective,” the Prime Minister said, obviously anxious to reach a solution. Manuel Valls wants to take the French witness: they “do not understand that the National Assembly and the Senate, the majority and the opposition could not agree.” As for the President of the Senate, he asked and immediately got an appointment in head Francois Hollande. The light does spring from the meeting, in light of the circumstances

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