Thursday, March 31, 2016

Children detained for 11 days in a holding area at Roissy “there are toys,” says DGEF – TF1

Sent to France with his mother to join a member of his family ready to welcome a little boy of Comorian origin was intercepted off the plane by police authorities on 21 March reveals the association La Voix de l’Enfant. Age 8 years, the child had embarked alone in a flight out of the Comoros and illegally traveling with the passport of his cousin.

Three days after his arrest on March 24, the order of the Judge of Liberties and Detention Bobigny announced that it was necessary “in interest even of child protection “to extend his holding in the waiting zone for person pending (ZAPI).

An appeal to the Interior

Eleven days after his arrival, not having valid papers, the boy is still not allowed to enter French territory and risk being sent back overnight in his home country. According to the Aliens Office in France (DGEF), cited by Mediapart , “the administration is doing its best to take into account the age of this very young boy.” Before perspective: “The area where it is held is matched with toys.”

The lawyer the boy launched an appeal with the Ministry of the Interior and has also requested assistance from the Human Rights Defenders. In its press release issued on Monday, The Children’s Voice expresses “outrage, anger and reiterates its rejection of any administrative confinement of a child whatever it is, wherever it comes” and declares that “any minor appearing alone at the borders must be protected and admitted to French territory.”


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