Tuesday, March 22, 2016

deprivation of nationality: the Senate vote does not flex Valls – Le Parisien

This results in the Luxembourg Palace is a threat to the adoption of Article 2 of the review by Congress, where a majority of 3 / 5th of the votes cast is required.

“It is not only a debate between the government and the Senate, this is not a debate between left and right. It is also a debate between the Senate and the National Assembly, “he said at the session of questions to the government. The Palais Bourbon had him adopted the bill on February 10, with 317 votes for, 199 against and 51 abstentions.

“So the government, with the Presidents of the Assemblies, of course with the president the Republic, will take initiatives, provided you know where you are going. This is the question I asked to find the way of gathering “, launched the tenant of Matignon.

Larcher received at the Elysee Wednesday

” and I do not say it as a threat but as a requirement: the French do not understand that the national Assembly and the Senate, the majority and the opposition can not agree, “argued Prime Minister.

the result should emerge Wednesday during a meeting at the Elysee Palace on Wednesday between President, Prime Minister and the presidents of the chambers, Claude Bartolone (Assembly) and Gérard Larcher (Senate). For now, François Hollande has proposed to the Senate president to receive it.

Gérard Larcher asked just after the Senate vote to “meet the president of the Republic” on this subject. “I will ask him to take the only solution that the country expects: the fight against terrorism and regain the cohesion of the nation,” said the elected Yvelines. “It will be up to him to take responsibility on this text, in particular on Article 2 (on disqualification) which fracture majority and opposition at a time when the nation is to be gathered, united and strong.”

Prime Minister opens the door to effective imprisonment for terrorists

Manuel Valls said Tuesday in the Assembly, in response in a matter of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (LR) on the effective life sentence for the perpetrators of terrorist acts, they have “no problem consider” measures proposed by the right if they are “effective” and meet “our state right “and” our values ​​”.

Noting that Salah Abdeslam, alleged logistics of the attacks of 13 November,” will probably be sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum sentence of 18 to 22 years “and” can therefore, while it will not yet 50 years ask a penalty development, “the candidate for the primary right asked the prime minister:” will you consider effective and irrevocable life is -to say without possibility of ending the period of safety? “

After stressing the government’s fight against terrorism since 2012, with” two anti-terrorism laws, two laws on intelligence, “” starting of the law on criminal procedure “,” state of emergency “, Manuel Valls replied:” I hope that together, today and tomorrow, we can move forward, including measures such that you offer. “

” We have no problem to examine all measures that are effective, under our rule of law, in the course respecting our values, “added the head of government, slipping the measures contained in the proposal LR senators Michel Mercier and Philippe Bas had been taken into account in government texts.


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