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Brussels: the third man identified Zaventem – Les Echos

As progressing the work of investigators, following the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, connections increasingly narrow appear between the jihadists of Paris and those of Brussels. Update on the ongoing investigation.

The third man in Brussels attacks identified

The third man of the Brussels commando, the one with the hat on the images of the airport video surveillance, was finally identified, says Le Soir. This is Faycal Cheffou arrested Thursday at a major police operation conducted in different municipalities of Greater Brussels. He was identified after being found by the taxi driver who had ferried the terrorist commando Tuesday morning, sources Evening. The taxi driver would have identified following a “papering” a visual confrontation among supects the attack in Brussels. The review of surveillance cameras content has established his flight, says Belgian newspaper.

Arrests in Belgium in connection with the foiled attack in France

Three new arrests that took place this Friday in Brussels appear to be linked to a planned attack foiled yesterday in France. “Two searches were conducted in a terrorism case linked to the arrest in Argenteuil called Reda Kriket” thus stated the Belgian federal prosecutor.

The arrest near Paris Kriket Reda, a former robber, led the French investigators discovered assault rifles and explosives in an apartment Argenteuil. The French, 34, who has resided in the Belgian capital, was sentenced in his absence, July 29, 2015 in Brussels, to 10 years in prison, “the leader of participation in the activities of a terrorist group and receiving stolen goods,” according to details revealed Friday in Belgium.

close links between the commandos of Paris and those in Brussels

links also appear increasingly close between the commandos of Paris and those of 22 March in Brussels. The man believed to have been the artificer of 13 November, the Moroccan origin Brussels Najim Laachraoui is Ibrahim El Bakraoui one of two suicide bombers from Zaventem airport, confirmed Friday the federal prosecution.

Traces of his DNA were found in several Belgian hideouts of members of the Parisian commandos but also “on an explosive vest and a piece of cloth used to Bataclan and an explosive device of Stade de France “, listed the floor.

Ibrahim El Bakraoui was stuck in the US before the Paris bombings

one of the suicide bombers Brussels airport, Ibrahim El Bakraoui, was on an anti-terrorist lists of the United States” before the attacks of Paris “of 13 November, reported Friday the channel” CNN ” , citing US officials.

His brother Khalid, who made him explode in the subway of Brussels, had been added to that list “shortly after the attacks of Paris there are several months,” added “CNN”, without specifying what list it was. The American network “NBC” had reported on Thursday evening that the two brothers were in US anti-terrorism files. But it did not specify when or in which many databases or US lists both brothers were.

Salah Abdeslam no longer cooperates

the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office also said that Salah Abdeslam, a key suspect Parisian attacks in November, jailed for a week, had operated a policy reversal between Saturday and Tuesday and now refused to cooperate with investigators .

“Heard immediately” after Tuesday’s attacks that left at least 31 dead, “he refused to make any statement,” said the prosecutor in a statement. According to the minutes of the hearing on 19 March having leaked in French media, he minimized his role on 13 November, ordering his brother Brahim and Abdelhamid Abaaoud, his childhood friend he barely know said.

9 arrests in the Brussels region since Thursday night

This police operation in Belgium brings to nine the number of arrests since Thursday evening in the Brussels region, the Belgian courts, however doing at this stage no overlap with the two suspects still at large Tuesday’s bombings, appearing on CCTV footage but not identified.

in France, President François Hollande, said the network that committed the attacks in Paris and Brussels was “about to be annihilated,” although “other networks” still constitute “a threat.”

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