Thursday, March 31, 2016

Migrants: new evacuation of the greatest Parisian camp – Liberation

Under the rails Air Stalingrad metro station in Paris, close to a thousand migrants was awakened by a deployment of gendarmes around their beds on Wednesday at dawn. These men, women and children originate mainly from Eastern Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, expected for several days to drain, synonymous with early support.

this is the second “Stalingrad operation” , managed by the City of Paris and the Prefecture of the region. March 7, already 393 people had been evacuated. The following week, the camp was formed again, with a few more people every day.


According to the prefecture, Wednesday, 985 people including thirty women and ten children were forced to leave. Emergency accommodation was offered. The operation began at dawn, around 6 am, with the arrival of the gendarmes. Fifteen volunteers helped migrants to collect their belongings. Then twenty bus took them in sixty home in the capital and suburban centers. “The operation went well. There were no clashes, “ told Libération a volunteer.

Among them, Karim, 37. Before the passage of the backhoe he gives a hand to fold tarps. Born in Algeria, he came almost every day to bring food, pick up garbage. Licensee of a business works, he has time and does not live very far away, in the XVIII th arrondissement. Arriving in France there are thirteen, he received his naturalization in December. “Like them, I was undocumented, I know what it is to be in this situation.”

“spontaneous acts”

The day before, Libération went there. In the afternoon, three officers of the Brigade of assistance to homeless people trying to count the present. The sound of the evacuation was running the camp. Migrants have warned their mates by text, while the volunteers present wearied of a possible false alarm.

On Wednesday morning, Seven, an artist of 28 years, is in the middle of the last ten people waiting boarding the bus, surrounded by 20 gendarmes. He was one of the most active supporters of the camp and slept on site for ten days. “I decided to get involved fully in this fight because I prefer the spontaneous acts a commitment in a large structure,” says the painter.

Just before 10 am, the blue raincoat of the prefecture services are busy to complete the operation. The last bus arrives. “It tightens the device” launches a policeman. As if they would run away now. Evacuation to shelters ends

Ishmael Halissat


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