Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wind turbines divisive in the National Assembly – Le Figaro

Senators chose to limit the installation of wind power by demanding assent of the Buildings of France when a classified site is located within 10 km. But the deputies just delete this provision.

Once again, the wind turbines are blowing wind of discord. MEPs ardently debated Tuesday night of their location, under the draft law on the creation and heritage. They finally removed a provision to limit, which had been introduced by the Senate. The senators had decided to mandate the assent of the architect of the buildings of France on the wind turbines that are visible from a listed building, a historical monument or a protected heritage site, in an area 10 km . This article was subsequently rewritten in committee in the Assembly on second reading, to provide a single view of the regional board of heritage and architecture.

But the government and the socialist deputies, environmentalists UDI and had filed for the session amendments to delete the article, which was adopted on Tuesday night in a fairly supplied Chamber. LR parliamentarians for their part, defended the position of the Senate or of the Assembly committee. “Watch the full liberalization of wind turbines”, launched their leader Christian Jacob, lamenting that “we sacrificed many of our landscapes.” This elected Seine-et-Marne is also attacked the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay should he says “be the one that defends the heritage”.

The minister said that ” must reconcile two public policies: promoting renewable energy and protect the cultural heritage. ” On wind turbines, “State services are seeking the best solution in each case” and “the procedures are highly regulated by the law” already. Many environmentalists are also elected on the frontlines, explaining that the Senate version “would be to condemn nearly all terrestrial wind turbines in France” (Michèle Bonneton) and attacking opposition that says nothing “on high lines voltage or the presence of nuclear power plants “in their impact on the landscape (Noël Mamère).

Many Socialists have also recalled the discussions on energy transition law and regretted the Christophe Bouillon like this “Penelope syndrome”, with recurrent attempts to “unraveling”. The boss of UDI deputies Philippe Vigier came in support, citing an “obstacle course” to install any wind turbine, whereas according to him “simplify”.

Wednesday, manufacturers of wind power have welcomed the decision of deputies. France wind power which has over 90% of industry players welcomed in a statement “a positive signal confirming the political will to pass the French energy revolution.” “The wind industry regains confidence,” said for his part the Renewable Energy Association.


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