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The terrible secrets of the pedophile teacher Villefontaine – Le Parisien

His name is now associated with an unprecedented pedophilia scandal. Arrested March 23, 2015, Romain Farina, teacher and director of CP from a school in Villefontaine (Isère), is suspected of raping or sexually abusing dozens of children.

His modus operandi – so-called “taste workshops” during which children were forced to perform fellatio blindfolded – and a previous conviction for concealment of child abuse images, never transmitted to national Education, had sown anger and fear.

A very embarrassing missed for the Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, and Justice Minister Christiane Taubira who then had moved to Villefontaine. They promised a law and recognized deficiencies in the system. While this text is about to be adopted (see below) , a year after the trauma remains alive in ravaged families who over the investigation, discover with horror sordid details, and the chilling personality Romain Farina.

Rape and sexual assault on 66 children

to date, it has indicted for rape and sexual assault on 66 children. This count is not over, investigators have held hearings recently. The earliest case dates back to 2001 when Romain Farina began his career in Venissieux (Rhône). Including an alleged sexual assault on a young girl who had given rise to a complaint at the time no further action, now attached to the statement.

Investigators have, in support of According children, pictures and films by Roman Farina in his “taste workshops”. Evidence that has undermined his defense he argued never being passed to the act before the 2014-2015 school year. Faced with contradictions, he had no choice but to confess … But still disputed certain facts.

 Sordid staged

In addition, the operation of computers shows that never, contrary to his statements, Romain Farina has stopped using images of child pornography. After his conviction in 2008, he simply used encryption software that allow access to the darknet incognito, so well-known unofficial Internet pedophiles. The investigators found 28,000 images of extreme violence, which appear on girls and even babies … Photos he used to take the stage in squalid photomontages, adding sometimes the faces of its victims. In a hard disk, investigators also took pictures of his students, taken by him in the locker room, on outings to the pool. He faces twenty years in prison.

VIDEO. Villefontaine, April 2015: the testimony of the father of a victim

The case that changed everything

After months of legislative work, and a first censure by the constitutional Council in August, a law tailored to address the shortcomings revealed by the case of Villefontaine is about to be passed by Parliament, which should the vote on 5 April. According to this text, any sexual conviction of a person carrying on business in contact with children (teachers, animators …) will necessarily be sent to the employer. It will replace a circular, as shown in particular that case was far from being applied … In addition, it will allow prosecutors to report their suspicions to the employer at the stage of police custody view, if deemed necessary. A provision subject to numerous safeguards in order not to jeopardize the principle of presumption of innocence. The Ministry of Education will be the time of the judicial proceedings, suspend the teacher concerned as a precaution or at least away from the classroom, before a possible strike – 27 of them were delivered to that . motif in 2015

the history of the 850 000 teachers scrutinized

Meanwhile, the court adopts a new tool: possibility of prohibiting a person under examination and left free under judicial control from any activity related to minors, which was previously not possible before conviction. Ban can now also be ordered in respect of volunteers, not just employees, in response to this matter last April in Loire-Atlantique, in which the leader of a skating club could recur enjoying . this legal vacuum

Finally, pending the passage of the law, the Ministry of Education has already hitched to a heavy task: combing through the criminal records of 850,000 teachers . Objective: To verify that none of them had been convicted without his being aware hierarchy, as in Villefontaine. So far, a single check was performed early career, then nothing. A work that, here too, need to change several texts which started on 26 January. On the only academy that has already been reviewed, no problematic cases have been detected. The Ministry of Education has set between twelve and eighteen months to complete this major project.


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