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Republicans point out the rules of the primary, consensus on investitures – The World

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Investitures organization of primary to 2017 … the tenors Republicans have ruled three points strategic Tuesday, March 29, at the politburo at the Paris headquarters of the party.

The most heated debate has focused on whether to change the sponsorship procedure of candidates for the primary. The overwhelming majority of participants agreed that the sponsors should – as voters – signed a charter committing them to “republican values ​​of the right and center” . Of 83 voters, 76 voted for the amendment of the charter of the primary, one abstained and six voted against.

The chairman of the organizing committee of the primary, Thierry Solère, presented this decision as “clarification” to correct the vagueness in the primary charter . It did not specify whether a previously elected sponsoring a candidate must necessarily be of the right and center. Result: environmentalists elected could sponsor such Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. Which voted against, and Henri Guaino, Sophie Primas, Dominique Bussereau, Virginia Duby-Muller and Grégoire de Lasteyrie


“Greet disappointed the left “

” for the sake of clarification, asked elected officials to sign the charter of the primary, as well as voters, to ensure they adhere although the values ​​of the right and center “ says Solère the World . “A fiddle rules, the voters were away” , protested M me Kosciusko-Morizet for political office, before asserting the World : “It is not an adaptation or clarification, but rather a change in the rules of the primary current of the game this is a problem of stability of the rules of this election.. “

The MP of Essonne, struggling to gather sponsorships for its application, intended to be gleaned out of his party. “There are unregistered mayors who do not wish to declare their party affiliation” , she notes. Knowing that a candidate must be sponsored by at least 250 elected, 20 parliamentarians and 2 500 members.

Nicolas Sarkozy has cropped M me Kosciusko-Morizet for political office. “It’s not tampering” , he objected, stating that “there will also be other adjustments to the charter.” Christian Jacob and Eric Woerth spoke in support of Mr Sarkozy. “This debate is extravagant” , said the deputy of the Oise, judging logical remedy this inaccuracy.

When politburo M me Kosciusko-Morizet was supported by MM. Guaino and Bussereau. “It’s weird to change the rules of the game. I do not think it’s okay. The logic of the sponsorship is something that the logic of voting “, claimed the first, before packing: ” The evolution of the primary drives me to despair, it becomes a case party. “ The second pleaded for the open as possible primary, judging that even the election should ” welcome disappointed with the left. “

a room for the winner of the primary

Another major topic of political office: the issue of nominations for the legislative. A consensus was reached between Mr. Sarkozy and his rivals for them to be allocated in early July in constituencies where an obvious candidate emerges, which should cover three quarters of the districts. In those where a problem arises, the decision was postponed to the post-primary.

The camp of Alain Juppé, who suspect the former head of state to favor nominations for his benefit to ensure electoral relay, accepted this principle provided that the final validation investiture takes place in a national board after the primary. The claim was accepted. In other words, if he wins the primary, Mr. Juppé will still change the nominations in case of major disagreement. Absent political bureau, the mayor of Bordeaux reiterated his position at a press conference in the city on Tuesday afternoon: “It is quite normal that the candidate who wins the primary is a margin of maneuver. “

Finally, the political bureau of Republicans voted unanimously the principle of participation in the primary of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) chaired by the deputy of Yvelines Jean-Frédéric Poisson, as a party member. On request Hervé Mariton, tenors of Republicans indicated that Mr. Fish will not have the status of official candidate before taking the field of the other candidates, scheduled for early September.


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