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Ranking of the 2016 schools: schools that are most successful – The World

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Le Lycee Jules Vernes, Nantes.

for the first time, Le Monde provides detail on its website the results of the bachelor schools. This continues a tradition initiated in June 1981 publication of “ranking of high schools” in The World of Education in conjunction with Le Point .

Our ranking in 2016 drew a distinction percent of general and technological high schools that had at least bac percent last year, second hundred vocational schools whose thirty students at least have passed the exam. It is based on four indicators provided each year by the Ministry of Education, that reflect what that students and parents seem we expect from a high school: he leads the baccalaureate that it does not exclude the end of second fragile students, it accepts as repeaters students who failed the exam, and it is able to offset the effect of social and academic determinism – the latter information being provided by the concept of “value added” established by the Ministry by comparing the success rate at each school tray rate “expected” in schools with students of similar profile. Each weighs four criteria of equal weight in our ranking

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entrance selection in second

Promoted by national education, these criteria (indicators of success) yet heavily penalize public high schools: only six of them creep into our “top 30″ of schools of general and technical education. The top ranking is largely occupied by private institutions of Catholic education: St. Francis High School in Ville-la-grand (Haute-Savoie), followed by St. Therese, in Rambouillet, and Blanche de Castille, in Chesnay, two affluent cities in Ile-de-France. The highest ranked public high schools advanced to 17th place: it is Jean-Baptiste Say, immediately followed by another “great” Parisian lycée Henri IV

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This poor result holds constant at the high autonomy of private schools enjoy in terms of recruitment – they are free to select the entry into second – and educational material. For proof, public high schools who sort the hardest to entry, including Paris, achieve the same results

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In short, elitism is still doing both at the top. The real successes nest where it awaits the least: in some vocational schools, and institutions who renounce dizzying 100% success to accompany students in part less school. Why our ranking is sorted, online, detailed profiles for each school

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