Thursday, March 24, 2016

A video shows a police officer hitting a high school student: the font Police investigation – Le Figaro

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VIDEO – on the sidelines of the demonstration against the labor law, a police officer was filmed deal a blow to an already mastered yet manifested. The video is believed to cause the opening of the investigation.

The video circulating all morning on social networks, creating a large number of reactions. A scene captured on the sidelines of the high school student demonstration against the proposed labor law, Thursday, March 24, shows a policeman land a punch at a young demonstrator, already mastered. The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), nicknamed the “police of the police”, has opened an investigation Thursday after the mass distribution of video, announced Thursday the Prefecture of Police in Paris.

The video is short but clear. A young is down, surrounded by three policemen. Two of them raises, then returns when a third door to him a violent punch in the face, which returns the boy to the ground. The video was turned on Thursday morning before the Paris lycée Henri Bergson, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, according to students.

“They threw eggs and flour”

the information website francetv info managed to find the young demonstrator, which tells the scene. “They threw eggs and flour, and then the police started chasing after us, says the young man francetv info . I did stop a few hundred meters from the entrance, and a policeman grabbed me, before hitting me with his colleague. “It is learned that the student is manifesting in the second Bergson high school, and he finally released after being searched by a police officer more “nice.”

The excesses in Paris and Nantes

On Thursday afternoon, the demonstration of pupils and students against labor bill adégénéré Paris and Nantes, with two cars burned and 15 people arrested in the margin of the procession, police said. Two policemen were also injured.

A scene captured boulevard de Port-Royal in Paris by a journalist Marianne magazine, shows dozens of students throwing projectiles at police, protected by their shields.

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