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Three responses Francois Molins on jihadist cell Reda Kriket – Liberation

After six days of custody, Reda Kriket, arrested last Thursday in a spectacular police operation, was indicted Wednesday for “participation in a criminal association terrorist criminals “ and imprisoned. In a hideout he is believed to have rented, investigators had discovered an arsenal showing “obviously preparations for an imminent terrorist action” while “no target states have been identified, “ by the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins gave a press conference Wednesday.

How are investigators Argenteuil riled up?

The hunt lasted four months. It began with the arrest of a man deported from Turkey in November 2015. Le Parisien revealed his identity this morning, it would be Miloud F., sentenced in 2009 to three in prison conspiracy to terrorist intent. The newspaper “suspicion of having provided sensitive equipment (night vision binoculars, GPS) to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.” The man was remanded in custody on November 28 2015.

While investigating his “relational circle,” the police traced to two other men suspected of revenues Syria for attacks Europe: Reda Kriket and Anis Bahri. In late December, search warrants for two suspected jihadists are launched. March 11, Reda Kriket was spotted at the wheel of the Peugeot Partner Bahri his friend, who makes a journey from Argenteuil to Belgium.

In the days follow, the Directorate General of Homeland security (RPS) sets up a surveillance system in the city of Val-d’Oise. The net is closing March 23: Kriket is back in Argenteuil. The next day, ISB, saying the terrorist risk “imminent”, stops in Boulogne-Billancourt. Following Friday, Belgian police get hold of two other suspects, Abderrahmane A. and Mr. Rabah, who could belong to the same jihadist cell.

What found investigators in the hideout of Argenteuil?

putting a hand on Reda Kriket, police ISB have no idea what they will discover a few hours later in his stash of Argenteuil. On the way, the alleged terrorist out a bunch of keys and notifies the cache is full of weapons and chemicals. It just enough of deminers few seconds to realize that he saith true.

The prosecutor François Molins, “the exhumed arsenal is unprecedented” : three bottles of hydrogen peroxide, acetone, 105 grams of TATP, an electronic scale, syringes, detonators almost roadworthy, six vials of acid glycerin, 1.3 kg of industrial explosives four boxes of balls of steel and a book entitled modern Laboratory . Bewildered, police are not after their surprise since a safety deposit box also contains five Kalashnikov rifles, a submachine gun Croatian mark seven handguns, and a multitude of ammunition. Finally, several fake passports and seven mobile phones were seized.

According to Francois Molins, there is undoubtedly evidence of “a passage to the imminent act the phones have probably been purchased to coordinate the operation. “ in custody, Reda Kriket was not poured on the composition of this arsenal. Just has he merely said that he had hosted “third” that regulated the rent in cash since summer 2015, and that “n was not a terrorist. “

Who is Anis Bahri, a suspected accomplice Kriket?

L The man who was traced back to Reda Kriket called Anis Bahri. He was born in 1984 in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis). Kriket as he is suspected of having visited Syria “between late 2014 and early 2015.” And like Kriket, it is all but unknown to the French court which sentenced repeatedly in cases of common law: in 2006 for robbery and in 2008 for robbery with weapons. Each time five years in prison.

Anis Bahri was finally found thanks to the operation in Argenteuil and Boulogne-Billancourt last week. Kriket was carrying a picture of Bahri, detailed Francois Molins. Especially, police ISB their hands on a SIM card that contains two Dutch numbers whose operation will guide to Bahri, located in the Netherlands. International letters rogatory addressed to the day after the raid, on 25 March, the Dutch judicial authorities. 27, police Bahri challenge in Rotterdam and two people around her, including François Molins said nothing regarding an independent investigation of the Dutch justice.

Pierre Alonso Mace Célian Willy Le Devin


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