Tuesday, March 29, 2016

West and North of France: thousands of homes still without electricity – ladepeche.fr





West and  Northern France: thousands of homes still without  electricity

                                 West and North of France: thousands of homes still without electricity


last night, yet nearly 30 000 homes were without power due to heavy rains that swept the night of Sunday to Monday, and again yesterday morning, twelve departments of western and northern France. ERDF has decided to strengthen these teams through the reinforcement of private companies to restore power lines cut including Normandy and Brittany. In this region, 21 000 dwellings were affected, according to the latest figures 10,000 in Morbihan, 5000 in Ille-et-Vilaine, 3000 in the Cotes d’Armor and Finistere in 3000 while the winds have away yesterday to the North sea.

winds of 150 km / h

in Morbihan where the wind blew up to 135 km / h at Belle-Ile, the prefecture has reported 364 interventions firefighters overnight and in the morning yesterday, including 237 for falling trees or electric poles on the floor, torn off roofs.

on all Breton departments where wind gusts reached, in the second part of night up to 152 km / h at the Pointe du Raz, 123 km / h in Pleyber-Christ (Finistère), 103 Ploumanac’h (Cote d ‘ Armor), for example, precipitation has been supported: it fell from 20 to 45 mm of rain

the Norman departments have also been particularly affected by the event windy with highs of 151 km / h. in the English Channel while the waves reached between 6 and 11 meters high.


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