Tuesday, March 29, 2016

France-Le Foll requires the inspection of slaughterhouses France – Boursorama

 PARIS, March 29 (Reuters)  – The Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le  Foll, on Tuesday asked the prefects to carry out  within a month of inspections in all abattoirs in  France after the revelation of a new case of  animal abuse, this time in an institution of the  Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The animal rights  organization L214 released a video showing the  practices in a slaughterhouse of Mauleon-Licharre,  where the animals are sometimes bled without being  properly stunned beforehand. This is the third  case revealed in a few months: videos had  uncovered similar practices of abuse in Vigan and  Ales, in Gard. “Stéphane Le Foll again  reaffirms its outrage to intolerable practices. He  asked the Prefect for the immediate suspension of  the slaughterhouse activity,” reported the  Ministry of Agriculture in a statement. “In  these circumstances, the Minister immediately  asked the prefects to achieve, within a month,  specific inspections on animal welfare in all  slaughterhouses slaughter of the country”,  reads also in this release . “Stéphane Le  Foll request, if proven defect found during these  inspections, the suspension without delay of the  approval of these establishments.” The  results of inspections will be forwarded to the  Parliamentary Select Committee on  “slaughtering conditions of animals for  slaughter in abattoirs French” established  last week, the ministry of Agriculture. (Simon  Carraud, edited by Yves Clarisse) 


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