Monday, March 28, 2016

The “Molenbeek” in France? “A clear diagnosis,” Kanner, according Mariton – Le Parisien

A position that reaffirms in our columns, on Monday, refusing to talk about stigma.

A disputed point of view within the PS, but Florian Philippot, Hervé Mariton and President the Union of Islamic Organisations of France argued Monday.

About Patrick Kanner had quickly angry left. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the boss of the PS, was minimized in the day the minister and called “not to dissolve national harmony”. Julien Dray had also expressed to call not to give in to easy formulas “stigmatize”.

VIDEO. The words of Patrick Kanner some neighborhoods in France

A figure “probably a little optimistic”

“It is therefore what makes controversy PS. For once we have a Minister Kanner, who removes the veil of blindness that he has before his eyes and mouth, he told a truth somewhat lucid, it takes at PS that her falls over, “criticized Florian Philippot (FN). “It is clear and it is not stigmatizing,” said Regional Councillor of Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne, citing links between fundamentalists and “big bullies”. According to him, Patrick Kanner “is probably a bit optimistic” with its number one hundred. Faced with this situation, he called for a return to national borders within the EU.

Hervé Martion has estimated its side Monday on France Info, Patrick Kanner “has the merit of a lucid diagnosis of a truly dangerous situation. ” If the member of the Republicans Drôme recalls that “should not to confuse”, he insists that “districts out of control exist.”

“radicalization the”

At the same time, the president of the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF), a pillar of Islam in France, said Monday on Europe 1 that “radicalization” existed everywhere in France, where the vast majority of Muslims are above all “citizens”.

Regarding about Patrick Kanner, Amar Lasfar answered unambiguously. “I agree, there is a radicalization everywhere, not only in a number of neighborhoods,” he said, while regretting a statement likely to “stigmatize” because “there can not reduce Molenbeek Salah Abdeslam “the 10th man of the Paris attacks of November, arrested in his town on 18 March.

” for years, it has been done. The planning policy of our country is responsible for thirty years. We have alerted the authorities to this kind of phenomena that developed in the 90s, “said Amar Lasfar.

” It’s the kind of formula that débilise “

About Patrick Kanner, however, are much less appreciated by Jean-Christophe Lagarde, who “do not believe at all that there are hundreds of Molenbeek in France.” “It’s the kind of formula that débilise, which mutilates the French political debate,” said the president of the UDI Monday on RMC.

Jean-Christophe Lagarde especially seen in the output of a minister weakness. “He is minister of what? He is the Minister of the City, Youth and Sports. And so it says in the popular image that has all now, there are hundreds of neighborhoods in France are concentrated Salafism, banditry, terrorism. But what does he do? “

VIDEO. A Molenbeek, discrete jihadist recruiters and effective

VIDEO. “In 2005, recruiters for jihad already officiated in Molenbeek”


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