Monday, March 28, 2016

Northwest: more than 36,000 homes without power – Le Point

Some 36,000 homes were still without electricity Monday midday, after the storm with heavy rains that swept over the night from Sunday to Monday in the morning and 12 departments of the western and northern France according ERDF. While France Weather lifted at noon at the orange alert “strong wind” for the last two departments still concerned, the North and the Pas de Calais, and the winds were moving away in the North Sea, the time was in the balance sheet damage and repair.

in the late morning Monday, more than 36,000 homes in Normandy and Brittany were still without power, notably following the break lines, according to ERDF, whose teams strengthened staff of private companies were carrying out rehabilitation. In Britain, 21,000 homes were affected, according to the latest figures 10,000 in Morbihan, 5,000 in Ille-et-Vilaine, in the 3,000 and 3,000 Cotes d’Armor in Brittany.

364 interventions

in Morbihan where the wind blew up to 135 km / h at Belle-Ile, the prefecture was 364 state interventions firefighters overnight and Monday morning, including 237 for falling trees or electric poles on the floor, torn off roofs. All departments of Brittany where wind gusts reached, in the second part of night up to 152 km / h at the Pointe du Raz, 123 km / h in Pleyber-Christ (Finistère), 103 Ploumanac’h (Odds d’Armor) for example, precipitation has been supported: it fell from 20 to 45 mm of rain

Norman departments were also particularly affected by windy event with peaks to 151 km. / h in Gatteville (Manche), 121 km / h in Livry (Calvados), 107 in Caen, or 106 in Pontorson (Manche). In Seine-Maritime, gusts reached up to 141 km / h at Cape Hève. At 10 am, according to a spokesman for ERDF, there were 15,600 homes without electricity in Normandy, including 8,000 in the Channel, 4000 in Calvados, in Seine-Maritime 2,000, 1,000 and 600 in the Eure Orne . According ERDF, the power should be restored in almost all houses by Monday evening.

A broken catenary

In the English Channel, where firefighters had to carry out over 110 interventions, 300 m2 roof of a high school of Saint-Lô flew, like the roof of a trade to St. Come du Fresne. Calvados neighbor, a school roof was lifted by the wind in Epinay-sur-Dodon, said firefighters. A catenary was broken after the fall of a tree on the railway-Lisieux Deauville, where traffic would remain suspended much of the day.

Strong winds and precipitation are also accompanied on the Atlantic coast of Brittany strong waves, which led to Meteo France issued an orange alert for the phenomena of “wave-submersion” in three departments: Finistère, Morbihan and Loire-Atlantique. Belle-Ile buoy measured and Monday morning a wave height between 6.1 m and 11.6 m maximum, according to Météo France.


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