Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Reda Kriket was preparing a major attack – Le Figaro

The arsenal seized in Argenteuil, in the jihadist arrested last week was likely to cause an attack similar to that of November 13, said the prosecutor François Molins Wednesday night.

Reda Kriket, jihadist French 34-year intercepted last Thursday in the Hauts-de-Seine, was indeed involved in an imminent attack and widespread . If investigators still unaware of the details and potential targets of his terrorist equipped, they found in the apartment “conspiratorial” Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise) that the alleged terrorist rented under a false identity since the was 2015 and he settled the installments in cash, which the prosecutor François Molins called Wednesday a “veritable arsenal of weapons and explosives on an unprecedented scale.”

a real clandestine laboratory

chemically, the “stash” housed in effect three bottles of oxygen, acetone, two cans of acids, thermometers, measuring spoons, electric scales, syringes, masks and gloves and a Tupperware containing 105 grams of TATP, a powerful improvised explosive commonly called “acetone peroxide” and snuff jihadist group Islamic State (EI). Real clandestine laboratory, the apartment, located on the fourth floor of a building, further harbored any electrical paraphernalia, including a detonator syringe, a bag of cut fairy lights can also enter into the composition of a pyrotechnic chain, four cartons of 10 cm3 filled with thousands of small steel balls that could “polycribler” potential victims. Besides five stolen passports and seven new mobile phones still in their packaging, the police also found two computers containing documentation in connection with jihadist groups and bomb-making recipes and a book simply titled The Laboratory modern .

No less than five Kalashnikovs, a Croatian machine pistol and seven handguns finally completed this dizzying array warrior, knowing that a safe contained meanwhile 1.3 kg of industrial explosive and six vials of glycerin acids.

Hunted since last fall

This is a key found in the pocket of Kriket which helped update this incredible “cache”. His arrest on Thursday at 13:15 on a street in Boulogne-Billancourt, is the result of a hunt that began last fall and accelerated in recent days.

Working on the “relational circle “a named Miloud, individual arrested in Adana in Turkey, deported to France, then remanded in custody since 28 November last for association terrorist criminals, investigators ISB are riled up Anis Bahri, 32 arrested last Sunday in Rotterdam with two alleged accomplices and on Reda Kriket. Convicted of theft incidents involving violence or weapons, concealment and a series of other crimes, the two men are suspected “of having visited Syria between late 2014 and early 2015,” revealed François Molins, further noting that they “were suspected since returning to make return trips between France, Belgium and the Netherlands.”

French 32, born in Montreuil and domiciled in the Val-de-Marne, Anis Bahri is the subject of a European arrest warrant of French judges. He appeared Tuesday at a hearing in Amsterdam and opposed his extradition requested by Paris. Justice now has 90 days to consider the request of France.

“Everything suggests that they would take action”

as part of a joint investigation of inquiry created on 18 March with their french counterparts, Belgian police have meanwhile arrested two other alleged accomplices Kriket. This is Mr. Rabah and Abderrahmane A., already convicted in 2005 in a terrorist case related to the assassination of Commander Massoud. Aged 38 and 34 respectively, the two Algerians were charged. The federal court must decide on April 7 next to their retention in custody or not.

After six days in police custody, including Reda Kriket has been indicted for “participation in an association criminal terrorist criminals, that is to say in the preparation of one or more crimes of reach to people. ” During his hearing, Kriket provided little explanation, arguing in particular that the apartment had been rented at the request of a mysterious stranger, Anis Bahri was a “former acquaintance” before conceding that the had to stay in Argenteuil.

“Everything suggests that they will take action,” said Wednesday François Molins, who said that “explosives were ready to use” and new phones could afford to coordinate a bloody equipped. The idea of ​​a multiple attack, similar to that which befell Paris and Saint-Denis on 13 November haunts. Without playing Cassandra, the prosecutor insisted: “Zero risk can never exist in a context of major terrorist threat in our region and in Europe.”


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