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“The Strangler Strasbourg” sentenced to life 30 years after his crimes –


Nicolas Charbonnier was sentenced to life imprisonment

with Michael Ducousso, with AFP

He escaped justice for 30 years, but Wednesday March 23 Nicolas Charbonnier, “strangler Strasbourg”, was finally sentenced . After killed a 17-year in his sleep and raped and almost strangled a 10 year old girl in 1986, the man was given a penalty of life imprisonment . The Assize Court of the Lower Rhine has accompanied this sentence a minimum term of 15 years.

Nicolas Charbonnier, 53, had been caught in 2013, through the analysis of his handprint left on the place of one of his crimes. After all this time to flee justice, his lawyer assures that he was willing to be accountable. He “expected a sentence of this nature, copy” explains Éric Braun. “I’m not sure it will appeal because he was sincere when he said he wanted to pay ” for his actions. The defendant himself told the jury: “I hate the young man I was there 30 years, it’s really a huge mess.”

on trial for rape, murder and acts of barbarism

Before the court retires to deliberate, after five days of hearings, Nicolas Charbonnier asked” forgiveness sincerely “to his victims and their families, even if it was” of course not “. Impossible, because as recalled Advocate General Laurent Guy during his submissions, the man had committed “evil crimes” motivated by an “abject drive” and a “boundless selfishness”.

one of the victims, Marion V. was strangled and raped at the age of 10 and left for dead by her attacker . She survived, “but at what cost!” Exclaimed the Advocate General, referring to the daily nightmares as the victim. Today forties, she came to tell her ordeal to the bar. For Marion, her sister and mother, “it’s a relief to say that with this verdict we arrived after a very long journey, maybe now they can begin to turn the page , “said their lawyer, Yannick Pheulpin.

The family of Martine R. was also relieved to see her finally convicted murderer. The girl was 17 years old killed close to his sister Patricia who was sleeping in the adjacent room. Nicolas Charbonnier had stripped and had cut her pubic hair. Real “barbarous acts” , according to the court. Otherwise, the crime would have been prescribed. “It’s a big relief, because Martine is restored to its status as a victim. The family was upset at the idea that there is no more”, said his lawyer, Me Fabienne Herdly-Klopfenstein.

The murderer became good father

From the beginning of the trial, the accused admitted committing “horror” he said breaking into among his victims in order to rob them, but could not explain why he then sold for sexual and murderous impulses. He also found “despicable” and “intolerable” the anonymous phone calls in which posing as “Zorro”, he mocked the small parents Marion little after the fact .

“the Charbonnier yesterday Charbonnier is not today,” pleaded his other lawyer, Mr. Bolla Carolina. She tried to avoid him forever because “it is no longer a danger to society” . Former military has indeed new life in the Bordeaux region, becoming round remover to turn, bank clerk or salesperson acting. He had lived 17 years with a woman he had a daughter, now ten years old . “If Nicolas Charbonnier has sold his soul to the devil for a period of his life, he took her back then, and for a long time,” he assured me Bolla, recalling that he had “a completely normal life after the commission of the offense “. But as commented Mr. Braun, “Assize Court delivered the most exemplary punishment, because obviously the 30 years of its normal life did not erase the horror of his acts.”

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