Friday, March 25, 2016

police blunder to Bergson: “He put a fist, I felt it go” – The Express

He said he had launched as eggs and flour. The young student who received Thursday morning punched a policeman on the sidelines of blocking Bergson high school in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, told his story in several media. Posted at midday Thursday, the video of the attack went around social networks and TV channels.

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“He hit me on the ground”

young Adan, 15, showed before his high school against the proposed labor law when the police charged. A version confirmed by several witnesses contacted by L’Express on Thursday. Under load of police officers and their tear gas, young people are pushed to Bolivar Avenue. crowd movements.

“They started running after us, Adan told the microphone of France Info. I stopped. There is one (who) dark above me, he hit me Earth.” This is a result of the altercation which was filmed: “(The police officer) said, ‘Get up, get up (…) and he put a fist, I felt pass. ” In the video, you actually see the young receive a strong blow of a policeman, who does fall heavily to the ground. Another image shows held down by a policeman, underfloor blood tasks. Holding the policeman strikes the young, his shield and helmet, suggests that it is not a CRS or a mobile policeman, but a police officer just trained in the management of this type of situation.

Taken to the police

Adan hears the policeman hit him saying, “It’s not over, you’ll see the police.” The young second grader is then taken to the police nineteenth arrondissement, at the same time that another comrade. There, he was asked to clean his bloody nose, but no warning or her parents or a doctor.

Several hours later, the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) contacts his family. A survey of police of the police has since been conducted by the police prefect of Paris, at the request of Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

Adan plans to file a complaint. The high school student complains of pain in the upper body and must find and treat his injuries on Friday. Furthermore the survey IGPN, another investigation was opened by the prosecutor.


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