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Paris-Brussels: review investigations – Liberation

Arrests and indictments are continuing the investigation of the attacks in Brussels, and the project that the French authorities announced that they had foiled late last week.

The custody Reda Kriket was extended Monday beyond ninety-six hours authorized in France for acts of terrorism. Being a planned attack “at an advanced stage,” in the words of Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, interrogations of Kriket may continue for six days, at most, before presentation before a judge. The 34 year old man was arrested Thursday in Argenteuil, during an operation ISB after an unrelated investigation, at this stage, with the commandos of Paris and Brussels, though Kriket knew some of the authors.

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the team that Reda Kriket is suspected belonging is also straddling France and Belgium. And even beyond. The investigation took a turn with the European arrest Saturday in the Netherlands, Anis B. The Dutch police arrested in Rotterdam this French 32, which was the subject of a European arrest warrant issued by French magistrates. His telephone number had been found during the search in the dwelling occupied Reda Kriket.

A veteran of jihad

Two other men were apprehended by the joint team Franco-Belgian investigation. Rabah N., appointed by Salah A. error by the federal prosecutor, was charged Saturday’s participation in activities of a terrorist group. He had been arrested the day before in Saint-Gilles, a town south of Brussels.

The other accused is a veteran of jihad. Ameroud Abderrahmane, 36, has seen Afghanistan and even was considered the sidelines of one of the great feats of jihadists: the murder on 9 September 2001, Massoud, figure of resistance against the Taliban and their allies. The Paris court sentenced in 2005 to seven years in prison and banned the country this secondary figure folder. This is a tram stop in Schaerbeek, north of Brussels, that jihad veteran resurfaced during a dramatic arrest in the street in which he was wounded in the leg by police.

the unknowns of 22 March

the investigation into the attacks on the subway and Brussels airport has also led to the arrest in Italy of Jamal Eddine Ouali an Algerian of 40 years. He was taken into custody Saturday. Suspected of involvement in a network of false papers, he was wanted by the Belgian police since January 6.

Many perpetrators of November 13 and 22 March using forged documents, which greatly slowed the investigation. The Italian authorities announced that they would deliver soon Ouali in Belgium.

In the photo, he wears a bob and sunglasses. The identity of the third man, captured by video surveillance at Zaventem airport with the two suicide bombers who will explode after a few minutes, remains mysterious. The Belgian federal police released Monday several seconds of video to try to get testimonials.

It is not a question, in any case, Faisal Cheffou. The suspect, arrested Thursday night before the federal prosecutor, was the only one charged in Belgium in the investigation into the attacks, but was released Monday afternoon. “The clues that led [his] arrest were not comforted by the evolution of the current statement,” told prosecutors in a statement.

the bearer of the third bomb, the largest, which did not explode, is still at large. Like “Hamed al-Naim” probably an alias. The DNA of the Syrian national of 28 years was found in the hideout of Schaerbeek where departed the airport commando. He is wanted by European police forces, which have as the “very dangerous, capable of being armed” . According to World he was registered on September 20 on the island of Leros in Greece, along with another suspect in this hideout at Salah Abdeslam Forest, a town south of Brussels. It is from this search that the police tracked down Abdeslam captured three days later. The other two are still not found them.

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