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Cambadélis deal with the proliferation of nominations PS: Make sorting! – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – Every Friday, issuing Hebdo Parliament, on parliamentary channels LCP and Public Sénat, in partnership with Scan, involve a political guest on the news of the week. Today, the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis.

“A primary left conditionally

While the Socialist Party national council will consider on April 9 in the National Council, the issue of primary left for the presidential election, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis recalls its requirements: the presence of all the forces of left and support losers in case of victory of Francois Hollande. “Either you say you are for the primary of the entire left, then you agree that the president possibly be present, and I wish, either it is a primary without PS . But one can not be both “. “If François Hollande prevailed, our partners would be left with us and it would be a way to solve the problem of the first round,” he anticipates. Still among ecologists and Communists, the assumption of support to the Head of State in 2017 does not delight many people. Hence the idea of ​​Cambadélis to launch on April 14 next “People’s Alliance”, a “grouping that seeks to exceed the PS, and to turn to citizens’ associations, trade unionists,” explains the boss of the PS.

“Lienemann, Hamon, Montebourg …” Try to sort you! “

The first secretary of the PS, which wishes to limit the maximum number of entries from PS as part of the primary, is annoyed of applications that multiply to the left of the party. Senator Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, MP Benoît Hamon, are successively expressed willingness to go this week. “Try to sort you!” , requires Cambadélis. The boss of the PS also closely monitors Arnaud Montebourg, who might be tempted by the adventure. It notes in this “historical closeness” leader slingers Christian Paul with former Economy Minister who “causes it to be rather on his side.”

” the “political mistake” of the Senate

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis not forgive right of senators to have compromised the constitutional reform by passing a version of the deprivation of nationality different from that of ‘Assembly. “The Senate right, committed a political blunder. They deployed an arsenal to organize the blockade of constitutional revision “, he accuses. “This debate is not of what would be needed for this country but of the will to distance himself from the vote cast in the Assembly which had the support of Nicolas Sarkozy. I do not think it’s reasonable. ” He now called the Senate President Gerard Larcher, who met Wednesday evening Francois Hollande: “He has to tell all his friends that it is a necessary matter and punch its weight, is certain on Senate right. “

” Le Roux, Fir … “We must pay attention to his words”

Two Socialists have been at the heart of controversy Brussels after bombings: the boss of the PS group Bruno Le Roux, accused of recovery after a tweet linking attacks and deprivation of nationality, and the finance minister Michel Sapin, who pointed the “naivete” of the Belgians. “They both apologized and they were right,” says Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. “Do not have a holistic formula and hurtful. When in national harmony, we must pay attention to his words. Politicians must be stewards of their words. Any formula can be taken for stigmatization and allow solidarity against France, “he says.

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