Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A year suspended sentence for a surrogate mother – the New Republic

A surrogate mother, a native of Vendôme, was sentenced yesterday to one year suspended prison sentence for defrauding couples in search of children.

Blois Criminal Court

Dawn, a Vendômoise 37, wore children and then give them to couples who could not have , with ten thousand euros (read NR January 27). Unless it promised a baby even several couples and some have therefore never able to shake in their arms the child as desired.
It came into contact with these couples via a website.

in 2010, she answers an ad placed by a gay couple of Loire-Atlantique. She agrees to carry their baby in exchange for 15,000 euros. But the two men will never see the child.
The day of the birth, Aurora sends a text message telling them that the child was stillborn. In fact, the baby, a little boy is alive. Aurore told another gay couple, resident in Luxembourg, to whom she had promised as a child, with ten thousand.
In 2012, it comes into contact with potential new parents. The same scenario was repeated. It promises to a homosexual couple a baby, through a craft insemination with the sperm of one of them, in exchange for 15,000 euros. After delivery to the polyclinic of La Chaussee-Saint-Victor, she told them that the child died … so she gave it to a heterosexual couple of Seine-Maritime, again against money.
During his trial before the criminal court of Blois, January 26, she had explained to the bar: “I just wanted to give happiness. “ But greed has taken over altruism.
The Deputy Prosecutor Jean DEMATTEIS, had requested a year in jail, nine months suspended, against Aurora, prosecuted for fraud and attempted fraud. A qualification contested by his lawyer, M th Stéphane Rapin, who had called for the release.

“I just wanted to give happiness”

As for the four couples tried for incitement to child abandonment, the prosecution had requested a fine of 2,000 euros suspended. Their lawyers had all pleaded acquittal.
Aside reserved, the judgment was made yesterday. The surrogate mother was acquitted for attempted fraud but was convicted of fraud and one year suspended sentence. As for couples, they fined 2,000 euros suspended.


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