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labor law: Protests escalate in Paris and Nantes – Le Figaro

VIDEO – New protests were held across France against the Labour Law have sometimes degenerated. In Paris, there were two burned cars and five arrests.

Further events take place on Thursday 24 March in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Grenoble and Besançon, the call of seven unions and youth organizations (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL and Fidl). Sometimes violent mobilization is generally lower than last week. The door of Jacques-Decourt school was burned in Paris and two garbage cans and cars, police were throwing bottles several times … There were five arrests by midday only to Paris – twenty-four total in France- and two policemen wounded.

“They found him on a soft red pepper”

Less dense than last week with 4800-5200 people , recorded by the police, the Paris events of high school in the morning, then students and employees the afternoon against the El-Khomri law have been overwhelmed by violence as in other cities of France. “It’s always like that the demonstrations of young people. It ends up being associated with thugs, “fumed a high school belonging to the Communist Youth, Boulevard de Montparnasse. Mobile security guards supervise closely the schoolgirl event … and harvest several times throwing stones, bottles and cans. Tear gases are launched on young thugs, often masked in black. Near the military hospital of Val de Grace, police quietly spend handcuffed Cedric, 15: “They found him, a soft red pepper, it hurts the eyes” as his friends who do not care for him, “he will soon leave the post he’s only 15″

the front door of the school Decour Jacques in Paris’ 9th district was burned. © Andrea Beauvais

A law “shameful for a government of the left”

Upon arrival in Montparnasse, a handful of students, furious s ‘verbally attacking the stewards of CGT: “we must break, that’s how the government will listen to us,” says a student to “big arm” of the CGT that meet mocking him: “No, kid , one does not take to the police. ” Ryan and Margaux respectively history student at the University Paris I and language student at the University Rennes II came to demonstrate because they have “for (their) future.” “I do not want to work in a liberal world. This law is shameful especially from a left government “insists Ryan,” the impression was not to be understood. ” In the procession, there are students, always the same from the most mobilized universities fortnight: Paris and Paris-VIII-I. And especially the CGT.

“A standoff will engage from March 31″

Olivier Besancenot, Jean-Claude Mailly (FO leader) and Bernadette Groison (FSU) were part the procession. “When I see the polls that say that a majority of French people are opposed to this law, we can not talk of a slowdown of the movement,” says Bernadette Groison. According to the president of the Independent and Democratic Federation schoolgirl (Fidl) Zoya Guschlbauer in the procession, the youth movement against Bill El Khomri “will further grow.” “There is no slowdown in the demo today, we have the same figures as last week,” said the student of final year S, announcing that the organization schoolgirl called “all students to take to Street 31, against the labor law and for our future. ” William Swift, president of the UNEF denounced the “hard-line” of the government. “A standoff will engage from March 31,” he says.

On the sidelines of the Paris procession, a video showing a police dealt a violent blow to a high school student was also circulated on social networks all day. The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) decided to open an investigation. The scene would have taken place on the outskirts of Paris lycée Henri Bergson. On the video, we can see that the young man to the ground. It was noted by a police officer who shouts “get up!”. While it is beginning to rise, given by two police officers, one of the officials dealt him a severe blow.

“A great leap forward towards the 19th Century”

Nantes, incidents broke out between security forces in hooded demonstrators during a parade bringing together several thousand people. At least nine people were arrested. Incidents also took place in Rouen. In Marseille, on the banners, the students had written: “A great leap forward towards the 19th century.” Strikes and demonstrations are planned on March 31 and the seven unions promised a “big mobilization”, more important than that of 9 March, which gathered between 200,000 and 450,000 people in France. The project El Khomri 52 items “to institute new freedoms and new protections for businesses and assets” includes new rights, including the personal account activity (CPA), union means increased or extension the youth guarantee. It also sets up a referendum in business, is changing the rules of the employer’s representative, the redundancy or occupational medicine. It completely rewritten the part of the Labour Code on working time, giving more space to the company agreement.

No more to cap benefits prud’homales

this reform, probably the last of the five-year period, has been partially rewritten after the political uproar, trade union and youth who saw too liberal text and little safe for the employee strikes, demonstrations, record petition (one million signatures two weeks), incendiary forum Martine Aubry, electric PS meetings have marked his career. Now there is no question of capping the industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal compensation, to the chagrin of employers, nor authorize unilateral decisions of the employer without agreement in companies with fewer than 50 employees for the package daily or periodic penalty payments. These changes have allowed the Executive to obtain the invaluable support of unions called “reformist” (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, UNSA) and of the majority. But the “reformist” rely on its improvement, including the section on redundancies, rewritten margin. The text will be examined by the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly from April 5, and in the Chamber late April-early May.

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