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Jean-Christophe Lagarde criticizes the “great political weakness of François Hollande” – Le Monde

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Jean-Christophe Lagarde, president of the  UDI, was invited, Wednesday, March 30, the  program

Jean-Christophe Lagarde has ” regretted “ Wednesday, March 30, the abandonment of the constitutional review, by focusing on the shoulders of François Hollande responsibility for this failure. “On 16 November, the President had undertaken to revise the Constitution to secure a state of emergency and exit the French nationality of people fighting France who hate France, which bear arms against France. This commitment, he can not keep it because it is not listened to his camp, and because it fails to transcend “ lamented the president of the UDI, guest the show “info Questions” on LCP, in partnership with Le Monde AFP and France Info.

While the left accuses the right to have scuppered the reform, Christophe Lagarde has vigorously defended: “the IDU group was never a dogmatic position. We voted in the National Assembly to say that we could not consider that someone who bears arms against France is part of the national family. The national family should not be imposing Salah Abdeslam, that’s the sad failure of this process. “

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To the deputy of the Seine-Saint-Denis, the country whole is achieved by the failure of the constitutional review. First “because the state of emergency may be challenged constitutionally, today or tomorrow.” Then, because “symbolically” the national representation appears weakened in the fight against terrorism: “Getting up every November to applaud the speech of the Head of State, and find themselves four months later in this situation of failure, I find it sad for the image of our country and its ability to react, “ a-t- he said.

“Holding another year with such a low power”

lashing “the great political weakness” Hollande, Jean-Christophe Lagarde regretted that fault “must still take a year with such low power, because it is a year of stalled a year of lost which will penalize France.”

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in the process, he urged the executive to ” worrying about effectively the security of French “ by adopting, in the draft criminal law under discussion in Parliament, a provision ” to prohibit a French went to fight in Syria or Iraq to reconsider french territory. ” So far the Executive refuses.

The mayor of Drancy, also responded vigorously to the Minister of town, Patrick Kanner, who said Sunday, March 27, during the “Great Rendezvous” Europe 1, iTV, Le Monde a hundred neighborhoods in France showed similarities Molenbeek: “I was shocked, said Jean-Christophe Lagarde. The political debate is to raise the level of collective consciousness, not to caricature things. More than half of the terrorists who attack us are not people who come from these zones exclusion, they are people from the middle class, well integrated socially. Salafist mosques, mostly, are not found in those neighborhoods. So combining the two is a stupidity. “ he announced

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