Thursday, March 24, 2016

The mayor wants to see the links between France and Qatar and Saudi Arabia – The Point

Bruno Le Maire wants to stand out from its competitors. The primary candidate for the right said Wednesday it would review diplomatic relations between France and “a number of Gulf States” if elected president in 2017. This applies to Saudi Arabia , Qatar and other Gulf countries “according to the ability they have to question their ties with Islamic movements,” he said during the show Questions info LCP / France Info / Le Monde / AFP. “One can not fight political Islam in France and awarded the Legion of Honour to the Minister of Saudi Interior without making the slightest criticism of how Saudi Arabia behaves,” continued the member of the Eure.

According to the deputy of Eure, “there are in France, in Europe, the Middle east, political Islam that is inconsistent with our most fundamental values.” According to him, this political Islam “has a project totally incompatible with freedom of expression, with the freedom to criticize, part of what we are, we French, deep within ourselves, with freedom women, with the visibility of women face in French society. ” “This political Islam is gaining ground in France,” said the candidate for the primary, “I would say there are equivalent (as neighborhoods) Molenbeek in France.”

Judiciarisation S sheets

to curb this phenomenon, Bruno Mayor proposes the legalization of sheets S, currently assigned to an administrative framework, and the imprisonment or expulsion of certain data subjects. “I know that among these more than 10,000 S stuck, stuck for reasons of radicalization, foreigners who pose a threat and does not belong on French territory, and must be expelled” did he declare. “There are also French nationals who may represent an imminent threat, immediate (…) they must be arrested and imprisoned,” he said.

Finally, Bruno Le Maire demand the prosecution of the plug S “for all nationals working in sensitive localities, transport, communications, energy, so there is no longer any threat in these places.” A measure that would imply that the employer “be informed, be aware, and it has the legal remedy with S litigious plug to fire.” Moreover, Bruno Le Maire has reacted positively to the proposal to extend the imprisonment for life incompressible the perpetrators of terrorist attacks, saying he “think it deserves debate and deserves consideration.”

in the evening, the Embassy of Qatar in Paris reacted in a statement, saying that “a politician of the stature of Mr. Bruno Le Maire should know the nature of friendship, mutual respect and common interests between France and Qatar and is expected that the two countries follow the same paths to face the same challenges. “


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