Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nicolas Hulot candidate in 2017? “The answer is no” – Le Monde

Unsuccessful candidate for the primary ecologist in 2011, Nicolas Hulot does not wish to repeat the experience. At least not for now. The former special envoy Francois Hollande for the planet swept a “the answer is not” the question of Europe 1 on the “envy” be candidate in the presidential election. “I’m not sure this is a very useful” , has he added.

“it do not throw in the arena on the pretext that there is confusion and every as we are, we want to do something different “, has he still felt. “It is not the question of the moment, the question of the moment is to create the background, is to know what the proposals are, because it is easy to be in the finding. “

” The idea that there would be a providential man or woman who will put the country level, this is not the way it goes walk. The only question I ask myself is what we can do for public debate and for converging diffuse intelligences that radiate in civil society, and to ensure that these creative energies, positive, can be transformed into a force that will allow the country out of the rut. “

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decision” not final “

While David Cormand, national secretary of Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV), said publicly hoped his candidacy, Nicolas Hulot believes him, he has “ intuition to [ is] forge and [he has] not enough evidence today “ to enter the race. A decision “not final” he nevertheless qualified. “To decide definitively one way or another, there is a monumental work to do, I just start and put the cart before the horse would be completely irresponsible. “

” The only thing I can enact is that I would like to help give visibility to the men and women who fight daily in society civil but which are not identified and does not weigh enough “, summarized the champion of environmental causes

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