Sunday, March 27, 2016

French of Molenbeek? The PS is torn – The Express

Are there any “Molenbeek” French? To this question, the Minister of Town Patrick Kanner said Sunday the affirmative. According to him, there is “a hundred neighborhoods in France” have “potential similarities Molenbeek” Brussels municipality hit by poverty and communalism, which acquired a reputation jihadist stronghold.

A connection that has not tasted all the members of the Socialist Party. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the first secretary of the party, said on France 5, not to be “for the speech” or “these formulas on neighborhoods.” “I’m not for the stigma, I am to show what works rather than to say that we reject,” he insisted.

“Do not isolate Muslims”

“There are problems, do not flee,” conceded the deputy of Paris. “In the neighborhoods, for those who know them, we know very well that there is a tower, a place where there is a concentration (…) But say a neighborhood stigmatized,” he added. “We should have vis-à-vis terrorism strategy is not to isolate Muslims, but to isolate” terrorists. “Molenbeek, is already a very specific concentration, which is not the case that we can see” in the French suburbs, he said.

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis “advise” So Patrick Kanner “to say there are pockets, there are buildings, there are streets but no neighborhoods.” “In the districts, there is success, there is integration, there are graduates,” he said.

“I do not like that stigmatizes”

Even in critical Julien Dray. Regional Councillor PS Ile-de-France believes in the “Grand Jury” RTL-LCI- Le Figaro , that “by formulas, it does not solve any problem.” “We yield to the communication facilities, it does no real information book.” “For 20 years, there is a social ghettoization that leads to many things, first to a rise in crime and then also to Islamist cores trying to exploit social points. These are common” with Molenbeek, he acknowledged. But “I do not like to be stigmatized as the majority of the population of these districts has enough of being designated the mob, she wants to help, not that the stigmatized”. “In these areas, there are also people who are fighting, there are social workers, teachers, elected officials.”


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