Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The galaxy jihadist-related attacks in Paris and Brussels – Liberation

Commandos, organizers, logistical support, alleged accomplices: “more than thirty people” linked to the attacks of 13 November in Paris have been identified at this day. Several are suspected of having participated in attacks Tuesday in Brussels

-. Three commandos, nine men with a “brain”, all dead

. The terraces

Three attackers with ties to the Brussels district of Molenbeek, shooting at the terraces of Parisian restaurants (39 dead)


Figure Francophone jihadists of the Islamic State group (EI), the Belgian-Moroccan of 28 years is presented as “one of the brains” of the killings, also involved in several foiled attacks in France. He died during a police assault on 18 November in Saint-Denis north of Paris


Belgian-Moroccan, 25, blew himself during the assault in Saint-Denis


French resident in Belgium, 31, brother of Salah, blew himself up in a restaurant


. Le Bataclan

Three French wearing explosive belts, armed with Kalashnikovs, killing 90 people in the auditorium. They died on the spot


28 years old, born in the Paris suburbs, he joined Syria in 2013.


29 years old, born in the Paris suburbs and stuck to radicalization since 2010, also stayed in Syria.


23, a member of a group of friends Strasbourg (east) parties in Syria

.. The Stade de France

Three suicide bombers blow themselves up outside the stadium, killing one


20 years, French resident in Belgium, went to Syria

-.. TWO MEN tO FAKE PASSPORTS Syrians, Iraqis as presented by the EI

– Salah Abdeslam, logistics assumed

French, 26, brother of Brahim and friend Abaaoud, Abdeslam Salah was arrested on March 18 in Molenbeek. It is notably suspected of having ferried the bombers at the Stade de France and told the Belgian investigators that he wanted it to explode, before making “machine back”

-. The Clain brothers “voice” of the claim

Fabien, 37, a pillar of the jihadist movement in Toulouse (south west), recorded the message of claiming EI attacks. The voice of his brother Jean-Michel has been identified in the recording.

– The alleged accomplices and support


24 years, one of the bomb and suspected coordinators of attacks in Paris. His DNA was found on the explosive material to the Stade de France and the Bataclan and in hideouts in Belgium.


These brothers would be another link between the killings in Brussels and Paris. They have participated in suicide bombings Tuesday in Brussels Airport.

Khalid, Belgian, 27, is believed to have rented under a false name, a hideout used by commandos before the attacks of Paris and a cache Salah Abdeslam.

. MOHAMED BELKAID, alias SAMIR Bouzid – Killed in Molenbeek March 15

It would have provided logistical support to Abaaoud and is also believed to have been in connection with assailants on the evening of 13 November


Belgian-Moroccan, 31, was in a convoy of cars bringing the attackers from Belgium to Paris November 12


A hidden Salah Abdeslam in Molenbeek where the two men were arrested Friday. The day before, he had carried the coffin of his brother Brahim.

. AHMED DAHMANI – Arrested in Turkey

Belgian of Moroccan origin arrested before an alleged transition in Syria. Suspected of having helped identify targets for attacks.

. GELEL ATTARD – Arrested in Morocco

Suspected of being “directly linked” to the perpetrators of the attacks, he would have visited Syria with one of the kamikazes of the Stade de France

. . HASNA AITBOULAHCEN – Killed on 18 November in Saint-Denis

French, 26, of Abaaoud cousin she helped after the attacks

.. Jawad BENDAOUD, rooms to rent SAINT-DENIS – Order

A provided housing to Abaaoud. One of his close MOHAMED SOUMAH, was also imprisoned.

. AMRI and MOHAMED HAMZA ATTOU – Arrested in Belgium

They brought Salah Abdeslam in Brussels after the attacks

.. ALI OULKADI – Arrested in Belgium

He drove Salah Abdeslam in Brussels after the attacks

-. Other arrested

. Zakaria J., arrested in January in Molenbeek, described as close to Abaaoud.

. Also charged in Belgium: Lazez Abraimi (traces of blood and weapons found in his vehicle); Abdeilah Chouaa; Mohamed Bakkali; Samir Z. and Pierre N., two relatives of Bilal Hadfi; Adboullah C., who has had several telephone conversations with Hasna Aitboulahcen.

. Zouhir Mehdaoui, another near Abaaoud, arrested Feb. 27 in Algeria.

. An Algerian of 28 years and a Pakistani 34 year old arrested on December 10 in a refugee center in Austria. They landed in Greece on October 3 in a group where two assailants on 13 November were infiltrated. The cell of the Algerian contained a number identical to that found in the pocket of one of the kamikazes of the Stade de France.



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