Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The “Tribal Kat” last trial of Somali pirates in France begins Tuesday – The World

An image of pirates with Evelyne Colombo,  10 September 2011, taken by the Spanish navy.

the last, and perhaps most painful trials of Somali piracy begins Tuesday, March 29 before the court of Paris Assize. Seven men will be judged until 15 April 2011 for attacking the boat a couple of French sailors, and killed one of them. Crime – ship hijacking resulting in death – is punishable by life imprisonment

The case began with a distress call launched on September 8 2011 to 13 h 17 with the . Tribal-Kat . Five days earlier, the 16 meter catamaran had left the port of Aden in Yemen, Oman management, an area where pirate attacks are common. On board, Christian and Evelyne Colombo. The torque Var sold everything to make a world tour.

A few hours later, a German frigate located the sailboat. Person on board, but bullet holes and a pool of blood in which bathe the glasses Christian Colombo. On 10 September, a Spanish warship detects a “skiff” – a small boat – suspect. The Spaniards tried to approach, but doing an about-face when hackers exhibit Evelyne Colombo, threatening in a weapon.

The assault was finally given later. Two pirates were killed, others were arrested. Evelyne Colombo reports that her husband’s body was buried at sea. It was never found and the death certificate of Christian Colombo, 55, will be registered on 15 November 2011.

They are” police “,” taxi driver “or” coolie “

during interrogations, according to a source close to the case, the seven men charged the two pirates killed during the assault, “Shine” and “Abdullahi Yare,” designated as the expedition leader and his deputy. Aged 25 to 32, the defendants say “policeman” , “taxi driver” or “coolie” – bearer. One is “fisher” , in waters that overfishing and pollution have depleted.

At the end of the investigation, investigators believe that “Abdullahi Yare “was ” likely “ the killer, but that all pirates were driven by the same ” collective will “ from attacking ships and demanding ransoms for crews .

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This will take live hostages may explain why, four piracy trials that were held in France, only the Tribal-Kat is about the murder of a hostage. In the attacks of Ponant and Square-d’As in 2008, no hostages were dead. In 2009, it is a French bullet that killed the French skipper of the Tanit in the assault.

The trial Tribal-Kat should be the last of its kind in France, perhaps even in Europe. If Somalia is still ravaged by war, piracy off the country has decreased sharply, partly because of the military operation “Atalanta” of the European Union, which runs until the end of 2016.

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